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Nanoscale hybrid multidimensional perovskites with alternating cations for high performance photovoltaic Journal article
Nano Energy, 2019,Volume: 65
Authors:  Gu,Hao;  Liang,Chao;  Xia,Yingdong;  Wei,Qi;  Liu,Tanghao;  Yang,Yingguo;  Hui,Wei;  Chen,Haoran;  Niu,Tingting;  Chao,Lingfeng;  Wu,Zhiheng;  Xie,Xiaoji;  Qiu,Jian;  Shao,Guosheng;  Gao,Xingyu;  Xing,Guichuan;  Chen,Yonghua;  Huang,Wei
Favorite |  | TC[WOS]:12 TC[Scopus]:12 | Submit date:2021/03/11
Aci Perovskite  Multiphase Stacked  Orientation Growth  Ultrafast Carrier Transfer  
Critical role of chloride in organic ammonium spacer on the performance of Low-dimensional Ruddlesden-Popper perovskite solar cells Journal article
Nano Energy, 2019,Volume: 56,Page: 373-381
Authors:  Haoran Chen;  Yingdong Xia;  Bo Wu;  Feng Liu;  Tingting Niu;  Lingfeng Chao;  Guichuan Xing;  TzeChien Sum;  Yonghua Chen;  Wei Huang
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Chloride  Low-dimensional  Perovskite Solar Cell  Phenylethyl Ammonium  Ruddlesden-popper Phase