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Segmenting Chinese Gamblers Based on Gambling Forms: A Latent Class Analysis Journal article
Journal of Gambling Studies, 2019
Authors:  Sunny Zhenzhen Nong;  Lawrence Hoc Nang Fong;  Davis Ka Chio Fong;  Desmond Lam
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Chinese  Gambling Activity  Dsm-v  Gambling Disorder  Macau  
Betting Decision Under Break-Streak Pattern: Evidence from Casino Gaming Journal article
Journal of Gambling Studies, 2016,Volume: 32,Issue: 1,Page: 171-185
Authors:  Fong,Lawrence Hoc Nang;  So,Amy Siu Ian;  Law,Rob
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Betting Decision  Casino  Cognitive Bias  Gambler’s Fallacy  Macao  Streak  
An Examination of Factors Driving Chinese Gamblers’ Fallacy Bias Journal article
Journal of Gambling Studies, 2014,Volume: 30,Issue: 3,Page: 757-770
Authors:  Lawrence Hoc Nang Fong;  Rob Law;  Desmond Lam
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Betting Decision  Casino  Chinese Gambler  Cussec  Gambler’s Fallacy  Hot Hand