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Special issue: "Thin films for energy harvesting, conversion, and storage" Other
Authors:  Chen, Zhong;  Zhao, Xin;  Tang, Yuxin
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Characterization  Energy conversion  Energy harvesting  Energy storage  Synthesis  Thin films  
Robust amphiprotic konjac glucomannan cross-linked chitosan aerogels for efficient water remediation Journal article
Cellulose, 2019,Volume: 26,Issue: 11,Page: 6785-6796
Authors:  Mao, Jiajun;  Li, Shuhui;  He, Chenglin;  Tang, Yuxin;  Chen, Zhong;  Huang, Jianying;  Lai, Yuekun
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Chitosan  Dye absorption  Heavy metal ions removal  Hybrid aerogel  Konjac glucomannan  
Particulate Matter Capturing via Naturally Dried ZIF-8/Graphene Aerogels under Harsh Conditions Journal article
iScience, 2019,Volume: 16,Page: 133-144
Authors:  Mao, Jiajun;  Tang, Yuxin;  Wang, Yandong;  Huang, Jianying;  Dong, Xiuli;  Chen, Zhong;  Lai, Yuekun
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Composite Materials  Materials Science  Nanomaterials  Porous Material  
Role of corticotropin releasing factor in the neuroimmune mechanisms of depression: Examination of current pharmaceutical and herbal therapies Journal article
Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 2019,Volume: 13
Authors:  Jiang,Yizhou;  Peng,Tangming;  Gaur,Uma;  Silva,Marta;  Little,Peter;  Chen,Zhong;  Qiu,Wei;  Zhang,Yandong;  Zheng,Wenhua
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Corticotropin releasing factor  Depression  HPA axis  Neuroimmune system  Stress