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DP_Greedy: A Two-Phase Caching Algorithm for Mobile Cloud Services Conference paper
Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing, ICCC
Authors:  Huang,Dong;  Fan,Xiaopeng;  Wang,Yang;  He,Shuibing;  Xu,Chengzhong
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approximation ratio  data caching  data correlations  dynamic programming  greedy strategy  mobile cloud computing  
Towards Cluster-wide Deduplication Based on Ceph Conference paper
2019 IEEE International Conference on Networking, Architecture and Storage, NAS 2019 - Proceedings
Authors:  Wang,Jinpeng;  Wang,Yang;  Wang,Hekang;  Ye,Kejiang;  Xu,Chengzhong;  He,Shuibing;  Zeng,Lingfang
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Ceph  deduplication  distributed storage system