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New triterpenoid glycosides from the roots of Ilex asprella Journal article
Carbohydrate Research, 2012,Volume: 349,Page: 39-43
Authors:  Wang,Lei;  Cai,Yan;  Zhang,Xiao Qi;  Fan,Chun Lin;  Zhang,Qing Wen;  Lai,Xiao Ping;  Ye,Wen Cai
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Aquifoliaceae  Ilex asprella  Triterpenoid glycoside  
Alkaloids from the leaves of Nauclea officinalis Journal article
Yaoxue Xuebao, 2010,Volume: 45,Issue: 6,Page: 747-751
Authors:  Fan,Long;  Fan,Chun Lin;  Wang,Ying;  Zhang,Xiao Qi;  Zhang,Qing Wen;  Zhang,Jun Qing;  Ye,Wen Cai
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Indole alkaloid  Nauclea officinalis  Naucleactonin C