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A cross-sectional examination of response inhibition and working memory on the Stroop task Journal article
COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT, 2018,Volume: 47,Page: 19-31
Authors:  Duell, Natasha;  Icenogle, Grace;  Silva, Karol;  Chein, Jason;  Steinberg, Laurence;  Banich, Marie T.;  Di Guinta, Laura;  Dodge, Kenneth A.;  Fanti, Kostas A.;  Lansford, Jennifer E.;  Oburu, Paul;  Pastorelli, Concetta;  Skinner, Ann T.;  Sorbring, Emma;  Tapanya, Sombat;  Uribe Tirado, Liliana Maria;  Pena Alampay, Liane;  Al-Hassan, Suha M.;  Takash, Hanan M. S.;  Bacchini, Dario;  Chang, Lei;  Chaudhary, Nandita
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Stroop  Working memory  Response inhibition  Development