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An Investigation of Sources of Science Teachers’ Practical Knowledge of Teaching with Practical Work Journal article
International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 2019,Volume: 17,Issue: 4,Page: 723-738
Authors:  Bing Wei;  Sitong Chen;  Bo Chen
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Macau  Pedagogical Content Knowledge (Pck)  Practical Work  Science Teachers  Sources Of Pck  
Impact of Chinese Culture on Pre-service Science Teachers’ Views of the Nature of Science Journal article
Science and Education, 2018,Volume: 27,Issue: 3-4,Page: 321-355
Authors:  Dongsheng Wan;  Hongshia Zhang;  Bing Wei
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Chinese Culture  Nature Of Science (Nos)  Pre-service Science Teachers  Views Of The Nature Of Science  
Focusing on the Classical or Contemporary? Chinese Science Teacher Educators' Conceptions of Nature of Science Content to Be Taught to Pre-service Science Teachers Journal article
Research in Science Education, 2013,Volume: 43,Issue: 6,Page: 2541-2566
Authors:  Zhi Hong Wan;  Siu Ling Wong;  Bing Wei;  Ying Zhan
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China  Conception  Nature Of Science  Science Teacher Educator