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Empowering Taiwanese pre-service EFL teachers through a picture book community service project Book chapter
出自: Voices from the TESOL Classroom: Participant Inquiries in Young Learner Classes:TESOL Press, 2018, 页码: 7-14
Authors:  Barry Lee Reynolds;  Shu-I Chang
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Classroom management for English language teachers: A course model in pre-service teacher preparation Book chapter
出自: Departing from tradition : innovations in English language teaching and learning, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK:Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016, 页码: 6-14
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Assessing the Influence of Music Courses on Pre-Service Teachers’Teaching Competency Book chapter
出自: Connecting practice, measurement, and evaluation : selected papers from the Fifth International Symposium on Assessment in Music Education, Chicago:GIA Publications, Inc., 2016, 页码: 217-230
Authors:  Dennis Ping-Cheng Wang
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