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Fundamental rights: the new generations in Iberian constitutions Journal article
International Journal of Human Rights and Constitutional Studies, 2015,Volume: 3,Issue: 3,Page: 228-241
Authors:  Vera Lúcia Raposo
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Portuguese Constitution  Spanish Constitution  Fundamental Rights  Generations Of Rights  4th Generation Rights  3rd Generation Rights  Biomedicine  Open Clause  Implicit Rights  Constitutional Interpretation  Spain  Portugal  
Um panorama do Yorubá em seu ambiente e alguns traços congruentes com o Português Journal article
PAPIA: Revista Brasileira de Estudos do Contato Linguístico, 2011,Volume: 21,Issue: 1,Page: 137-157
Authors:  Raimundo Enedino dos Santos
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History Of Yoruba  History Of Vernacular Portuguese  Africanism