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Physical and chemical influence of polyacrylate latex on cement mortars Conference paper
Advanced Materials Research
Authors:  Tian Y.;  Li Z.;  Ma H.;  Jin X.;  Jin N.
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Chemical reactions  Polyacrylate latex  Polymer modified mortars  Pore structure  
Thermal properties of carbon aerogel reinforced epoxy nanocomposites Conference paper
7th Asian-Australasian Conference on Composite Materials 2010, ACCM 2010
Authors:  Shen M.-Y.;  Chen W.-J.;  Li Y.-L.;  Huang C.-W.;  Sung M.-H.;  Hsiao Y.-K.;  Yip M.-C.
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Carbon aerogel  Degradation temperature  Epoxy nanocomposite  Glass transition temperature  Thermal expansion coefficient  
Behaviour of lightweight extruded concrete subjected to high temperatures Conference paper
Role of Cement Science in Sustainable Development - Proceedings of the International Symposium - Celebrating Concrete: People and Practice
Authors:  Zhou X.;  Zongjin L.
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Extrudate  Fibre reinforced  High temperatures  Microstructure  Perlite  Porosity  Residual mechanical properties  Thermal insulation