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Diversity analysis of HARQ-CC-aided NOMA Conference paper
2019 IEEE Global Communications Conference, GLOBECOM 2019 - Proceedings
Authors:  Shi,Zheng;  Zhang,Chenmeng;  Fu,Yaru;  Wang,Hong;  Yang,Guanghua;  Ma,Shaodan
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Diversity order  HARQ with chase combining  Non-orthogonal multiple access  
Time- and Power-Splitting Strategies for Ambient Backscatter System Journal article
IEEE Access, 2019,Volume: 7,Page: 40068-40077
Authors:  Ma,Zhe;  He,Chen;  Rao,Yanyi;  Jiang,Jing;  Ma,Shaodan;  Gao,Feifei;  Xing,Ling
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Ambient backscatter  optimization  performance analysis  power splitting  time splitting