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Memory Impairment Following Electroconvulsive Therapy in Chinese Patients with Schizophrenia: Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials Journal article
Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, 2018,Volume: 54,Issue: 2,Page: 107-114
Authors:  Zheng,Wei;  Tong,Guo;  Ungvari,Gabor S.;  Ng,Chee H.;  Chiu,Helen F.K.;  Xiang,Ying Qiang;  Cao,Xiao Lan;  Liu,Zheng Rong;  Meng,Li Rong;  Gazdag,Gábor;  Xiang,Yu Tao
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ECT–antipsychotic combination  memory impairment  meta-analysis  
Existence and exponential stability of anti-periodic solutions for interval general bidirectional associative memory neural networks with multiple delays Journal article
Advances in Difference Equations, 2016,Volume: 2016,Page: 1-12
Authors:  Xiaofei Li;  Deng Ding;  Jianzhong Feng;  Songbo Hu
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Anti-periodic Solution  Bidirectional Associative Memory Neural Networks  Delay  Exponential Stability  
Visual attention to features by associative learning Journal article
Cognition, 2014,Volume: 133,Issue: 2,Page: 488-501
Authors:  Gozli,Davood G.;  Moskowitz,Joshua B.;  Pratt,Jay
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Associative Learning  Episodic Memory  Feature-based Attention  Visual Attention  
Local stability and attractive basin of Cohen-Grossberg neural networks Journal article
Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications, 2009,Volume: 10,Issue: 5,Page: 2834-2841
Authors:  Yang X.;  Liao X.;  Li C.;  Tang Y.Y.
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Associative memory  Attractive basin  Cohen-Grossberg neural network  Equilibrium point  Local exponential stability  
Robust global periodicity of interval bidirectional associative memory networks with finite distributed delays Journal article
International Journal of Systems Science, 2007,Volume: 38,Issue: 7,Page: 577-584
Authors:  Yang X.;  Evans D.J.;  Tang Y.Y.;  Liao X.
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Finite distributed delay  Interval bidirectional associative memory network  Robust global exponential periodicity  
Guaranteed attractivity of equilibrium points in a class of delayed neural networks Journal article
International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 2006,Volume: 16,Issue: 9,Page: 2737-2743
Authors:  Yang X.;  Liao X.;  Tang Y.;  Evans D.J.
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Delayed neural network  Domain of attraction  Equilibrium point  Local exponential stability  Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional  
Integration of design and manufacturing: solving setup generation and feature sequencing using an unsupervised-learning approach Journal article
Computer-Aided Design, 1994,Volume: 26,Issue: 1,Page: 59-75
Authors:  Philip Chen C.L.;  LeClair S.R.
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associative memory  feature intersection  feature sequencing  feature-based design  self organization  setup generation  tool sequencing  unsupervised learning  
Application of a bi-directional associative memory (BAM) network in computer assisted learning in chemistry Journal article
Computers and Chemistry, 1994,Volume: 18,Issue: 4,Page: 359-362
Authors:  Chau F.T.;  Cheung B.;  Tam K.Y.;  Li L.K.
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Unsupervised neural learning algorithm for setup generation in process planning Conference paper
Intelligent Engineering Systems Through Artificial Neural Networks
Authors:  Chen C.L.Philip;  LeClair Steven R.
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Efficient obstacle avoidance scheme in mobile robot path planning using polynomial neural networks Conference paper
1993 IEEE National Aerospace and Electronics Conference
Authors:  Ahmed Farid;  Chen C.L.Philip
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