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Bridging whole numbers and fractions: problem variations in Chinese mathematics textbook examples Journal article
ZDM - Mathematics Education, 2019,Volume: 51,Issue: 1,Page: 109-123
Authors:  Xu Hua Sun
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Chinese Pedagogical Tradition, Making Connection Between Fraction And Whole Number  Fraction Addition And Subtraction, Fraction Multiplication  Fraction Division  
Investigating writing tasks in English textbooks for Chinese secondary students Journal article
Journal of Asia TEFL, 2018,Volume: 15,Issue: 4,Page: 1114-1121
Authors:  Shulin Yu;  Barry Lee Reynolds
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Teaching Writing in Grades 7–9 in Urban Schools in Chinese Societies in Asia Journal article
READING RESEARCH QUARTERLY, 2018,Volume: 53,Issue: 4,Page: 473-507
Authors:  Tien Ping Hsiang;  Steve Graham;  Ping Man Wong
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Content Literacy  Text Types  Text Features  Research Methodology  Survey  Strategies  Methods  And Materials  Writing Strategies  Theoretical Perspectives  Sociocultural  Writing  Genres  Grammar  Writer's Workshop  Writing Process  Writing To Learn  Adolescence  
An experienced chemistry teacher's practical knowledge of teaching with practical work: The PCK perspective Journal article
Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 2018,Volume: 19,Issue: 2,Page: 452-462
Authors:  Bing Wei;  Hao Liu
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How to Teach and Assess Whole Number Arithmetic: Some International Perspectives Book chapter
出自: New ICMI Study Series:Springer, 2018, 页码: 251-286
Authors:  Jarmila Novotná;  Berinderjeet Kaur;  Ann Gervasoni;  Mike Askew;  Michiel Veldhuis;  Catherine Pearn;  Xu Hua Sun
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Tradition in Whole Number Arithmetic Book chapter
出自: New ICMI Study Series, 2018, 页码: 343-373
Authors:  Arzarello,Ferdinando;  Azrou,Nadia;  Bartolini Bussi,Maria G.;  de Lora Sued,Sarah Inés González;  Sun,Xu Hua;  Siu,Man Keung
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An Analysis of Problem-Posing Tasks in Chinese and US Elementary Mathematics Textbooks Journal article
Authors:  Jinfa Cai;  Chunlian Jiang
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Mathematics Curriculum  Mathematics Education Reform  Problem Posing  Textbook Analysis  China  United States  
Teaching writing in grades 4–6 in urban schools in the Greater China Region Journal article
Reading and Writing, 2016,Volume: 29,Issue: 5,Page: 869-902
Authors:  Tien Ping Hsiang;  Steve Graham
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China  Survey  Writing  Writing Instruction  
How Do Textbooks Incorporate Mathematical Problem Posing? An International Comparative Study Book chapter
出自: Posing and Solving Mathematical Problems, Switzerland:Springer International Publishing, 2016, 页码: 3-22
Authors:  Jinfa Cai;  Chunlian Jiang;  Stephen Hwang;  Bikai Nie;  Dianshun Hu
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Problem-posing Tasks  Curriculum  Textbooks  Mathematics Education Reform  Comparative Studies  China  United States  
Justifications, Foci, and Impact Factors of Anti-Piracy Enforcement in China Journal article
JOURNAL OF THE COPYRIGHT SOCIETY OF THE USA, 2016,Volume: 63,Issue: 2,Page: 269-319
Authors:  Liu, Haiyan
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