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A Hybrid Boost Converter With Cross-Connected Flying Capacitors Journal article
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, 2021
Authors:  Huang,Mo;  Lu,Yan;  Hu,Tingxu;  Martins,Rui P.
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Boost Converter  Bootstrap  Capacitors  Dc-dc Converter  High Conversion Ratio (Cr)  Inductors  Logic Gates  Multi-phase  Soft-charging.  Steady-state  Stress  Switches  Topology  
Psychological distress and state boredom during the COVID-19 outbreak in China: the role of meaning in life and media use 中国新冠肺炎疫情期间心理负担和状态无聊的关系:生命意义感和媒体使用的作用 Malestar psicológico y estado de aburrimiento durante el brote covid-19 en China: el papel del significado en la vida y el uso de los medios Journal article
European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 2020,Volume: 11,Issue: 1
Authors:  Chao, Miao;  Chen, Xueming;  Liu, Tour;  Yang, Haibo;  Hall, Brian J.
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Boredom  Covid-19  Disaster  MeanIng In Life  Media Use  Mental Health  • State Boredom DurIng The Outbreak WAs Associated With Psychological DiStress.• DisAster-related Media Use Mediated The Relationship Between State Boredom And Stress And Anxiety.• MeanIng In Life Served As a Risk Factor For The Negative Psychological Outcomes When People Experienced Boredom  
Influence of mineral dissolution on the mechanical behaviour of a granular assembly under complex stress states Journal article
International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, 2020,Volume: 136
Authors:  Chen, C.;  Zhang, L. M.;  Shen, P.
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Critical State  Particle Removal  Salt Dissolution  Shear Strength  Stress State  Stress-strain Behaviour  
An elastic–viscoplastic constitutive model incorporating shear dilation characteristic Journal article
Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 2020,Volume: 13,Issue: 19
Authors:  Pan Ding;  Yayuan Hu;  Wanhuan Zhou;  Xingwang Liu;  Riqing Xu
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Sand  Time Dependence  3d Elastic–viscoplastic Constitutive Model  Shear Dilation  Equivalent Time Method  
Long-term behaviour and degradation of calcareous sand under cyclic loading Journal article
Engineering Geology, 2020,Volume: 276
Authors:  Shao-Heng He;  Zhi Ding;  Tang-Dai Xia;  Wan-Huan Zhou;  Xiao-Lu Gan;  Yong-Zhan Chen;  Fan Xia
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Calcareous Sand  Long-term Behaviour  Cyclic Loading  Degradation  Particle Breakage  Empirical Model  
Exploring the Association Between Work–Family Conflict and Job Involvement Journal article
International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 2020,Volume: 64,Issue: 8,Page: 791-817
Authors:  Liu,Jianhong;  Lambert,Eric G.;  Kelley,Thomas;  Zhang,Jinwu;  Jiang,Shanhe
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China  Chinese Prison Staff  Job Involvement  Work–family Conflict  
Rate-dependent behaviour of a saturated clay under different stress histories and k 0 conditions Journal article
Acta Geotechnica, 2020,Volume: 15,Issue: 6,Page: 1501-1512
Authors:  Wu,Shengshen;  Lok,Thomas;  Xu,Youwei;  Wang,Dong
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K0-consolidated  Over-consolidation Ratios  Shear Strength  Strain Rate  Triaxial  
The Third International Symposium on Fungal Stress – ISFUS Journal article
Fungal Biology, 2020,Volume: 124,Issue: 5,Page: 235-252
Authors:  Alder-Rangel,Alene;  Idnurm,Alexander;  Brand,Alexandra C.;  Brown,Alistair J.P.;  Gorbushina,Anna;  Kelliher,Christina M.;  Campos,Claudia B.;  Levin,David E.;  Bell-Pedersen,Deborah;  Dadachova,Ekaterina;  Bauer,Florian F.;  Gadd,Geoffrey M.;  Braus,Gerhard H.;  Braga,Gilberto U.L.;  Brancini,Guilherme T.P.;  Walker,Graeme M.;  Druzhinina,Irina;  Pócsi,István;  Dijksterhuis,Jan;  Aguirre,Jesús;  Hallsworth,John E.;  Schumacher,Julia;  Wong,Koon Ho;  Selbmann,Laura;  Corrochano,Luis M.;  Kupiec,Martin;  Momany,Michelle;  Molin,Mikael;  Requena,Natalia;  Yarden,Oded;  Cordero,Radamés J.B.;  Fischer,Reinhard;  Pascon,Renata C.;  Mancinelli,Rocco L.;  Emri,Tamas;  Basso,Thiago O.;  Rangel,Drauzio E.N.
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Agricultural Mycology  Fungal Stress Mechanisms And Responses  Industrial Mycology  Medical Mycology  
Metabolomics study of the anti-inflammatory effects of endogenous omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids Journal article
RSC Advances, 2019,Volume: 9,Issue: 71,Page: 41903-41912
Authors:  Peng,Yu;  Ren,Huixia;  Tao,Hongxun;  He,Chengwei;  Li,Peng;  Wan,Jian Bo;  Su,Huanxing
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Hydroxyurea Facilitates Manifestation of Disease Relevant Phenotypes in Patients-Derived IPSCs-Based Modeling of Late-Onset Parkinson’s Disease Journal article
AGING AND DISEASE, 2019,Volume: 10,Issue: 5,Page: 1037-1048
Authors:  Yuan Tan;  Minjing Ke;  Zhijian Huang;  Cheong-Meng Chong;  Xiaotong Cen;  Jia-Hong Lu;  Xiaoli Yao;  Dajiang Qin;  Huanxing Su
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Disease Phenotypes  Er Stress  Induced Pluripotentstem Cells  Parkinson’s Disease  Hydroxyurea