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Quality Evaluation of Randomized Controlled Trials of Rhodiola Species: A Systematic Review Journal article
Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2021,Volume: 2021
Authors:  Li, Xiuzhu;  Chen, Weijie;  Xu, Yingqi;  Liang, Zuanji;  Hu, Hao;  Wang, Shengpeng;  Wang, Yitao
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A comprehensive quality analysis of randomized controlled clinical trials of Asian ginseng and American ginseng based on the CONSORT guideline Journal article
Journal of Ginseng Research, 2021
Authors:  Chen, Weijie;  Li, Xiuzhu;  Chen, Zhejie;  Hao, Wei;  Yao, Peifen;  Li, Meng;  Liu, Kunmeng;  Hu, Hao;  Wang, Shengpeng;  Wang, Yitao
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Consort  Ginseng  Quality Analysis  Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials  
Efficacy and safety of traditional Chinese medicines for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: a systematic literature review of randomized controlled trials Journal article
Chinese Medicine (United Kingdom), 2021,Volume: 16,Issue: 1
Authors:  Liang,Zuanji;  Chen,Xianwen;  Shi,Junnan;  Hu,Hao;  Xue,Yan;  Ung,Carolina Oi Lam
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Consort-chm  Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease  Randomized Clinical Trial  Rct  Risk Of Bias  Traditional Chinese Medicine  
Fast Algorithm Based on Parallel Computing for Sample Entropy Calculation Journal article
IEEE Access, 2021
Authors:  Dong X.;  Chen C.;  Geng Q.;  Zhang W.;  Zhang X.D.
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Acceleration  Algorithm  Biomedical Monitoring  Entropy  Fast Computation  Graphics Processing Unit  Graphics Processing Units  Kernel  Parallel Computing  Sample Entropy  Standards  Time Series Analysis  
Development of a comprehensive method combining UHPLC-CAD fingerprint, multi-components quantitative analysis for quality evaluation of Zishen Yutai Pills: A step towards quality control of Chinese patent medicine Journal article
Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 2020,Volume: 191
Authors:  Cao,Jiliang;  Lei,Ting;  Wu,Sijia;  Li,Hongyi;  Deng,Yun;  Lin,Ruizhen;  Ning,Na;  Geng,Chunxian;  Wang,Shengpeng;  Wu,Xu;  Li,Peng;  Wang,Yitao
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Chemical Characterization  Chemical Fingerprint  Multi-components Quantitative Analysis  Quality Evaluation  Zishen Yutai Pills  
A 108 F2/Bit Fully Reconfigurable RRAM PUF Based on Truly Random Dynamic Entropy of Jitter Noise Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, 2020,Volume: 67,Issue: 11,Page: 3866-3879
Authors:  Zhao,Qiang;  Zheng,Wenhan;  Zhao,Xiaojin;  Cao,Yuan;  Zhang,Feng;  Law,Man Kay
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dynamic entropy source  full reconfigurability  high reliability  Physical unclonable function  resistive random access memory  true random number generator  
Quantitative profiling of eicosanoids derived from n-6 and n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids by twin derivatization strategy combined with LC-MS/MS in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus Journal article
Analytica Chimica Acta, 2020,Volume: 1120,Page: 24-35
Authors:  Xia,Fangbo;  He,Chengwei;  Ren,Meng;  Xu,Feng Guo;  Wan,Jian Bo
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Chemical Isotope Labeling  Eicosanoids  Lc-ms/ms  Quantification  Twin Derivatization  Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus  
Comparing German and American students’ cognitive strategies and affective attributes toward online inquiry Journal article
Education and Information Technologies, 2020,Volume: 25,Issue: 4,Page: 3357-3382
Authors:  Putman,S. Michael;  Wang,Chuang;  Rickelman,Bob;  Crossley,Antony;  Mittag,Waldemar
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Cognition  Internet  Metacognition  Motivation  Online inquiry  Online reading comprehension  Self-regulation  
Consensus on the reporting and experimental design of clinical and cognitive-behavioural neurofeedback studies (CRED-nf checklist) Journal article
Brain, 2020,Volume: 143,Issue: 6,Page: 1674-1685
Authors:  Ros,Tomas;  Enriquez-Geppert,Stefanie;  Zotev,Vadim;  Young,Kymberly D.;  Wood,Guilherme;  Whitfield-Gabrieli,Susan;  Wan,Feng;  Vuilleumier,Patrik;  Vialatte,François;  Van De Ville,Dimitri;  Todder,Doron;  Surmeli,Tanju;  Sulzer,James S.;  Strehl,Ute;  Sterman,Maurice Barry;  Steiner,Naomi J.;  Sorger,Bettina;  Soekadar,Surjo R.;  Sitaram,Ranganatha;  Sherlin,Leslie H.;  Schönenberg,Michael;  Scharnowski,Frank;  Schabus,Manuel;  Rubia,Katya;  Rosa,Agostinho;  Reiner,Miriam;  Pineda,Jaime A.;  Paret,Christian;  Ossadtchi,Alexei;  Nicholson,Andrew A.;  Nan,Wenya;  Minguez,Javier;  Micoulaud-Franchi,Jean Arthur;  Mehler,David M.A.;  Lührs,Michael;  Lubar,Joel;  Lotte,Fabien;  Linden,David E.J.;  Lewis-Peacock,Jarrod A.;  Lebedev,Mikhail A.;  Lanius,Ruth A.;  Kübler,Andrea;  Kranczioch,Cornelia;  Koush,Yury;  Konicar,Lilian;  Kohl,Simon H.;  Kober,Silivia E.;  Klados,Manousos A.;  Jeunet,Camille;  Janssen,T. W.P.;  Huster,Rene J.;  Hoedlmoser,Kerstin;  Hirshberg,Laurence M.;  Heunis,Stephan;  Hendler,Talma;  Hampson,Michelle;  Guggisberg,Adrian G.;  Guggenberger,Robert;  Gruzelier,John H.;  Göbel,Rainer W.;  Gninenko,Nicolas;  Gharabaghi,Alireza;  Frewen,Paul;  Fovet,Thomas;  Fernández,Thalía;  Escolano,Carlos;  Ehlis,Ann Christine;  Drechsler,Renate;  Christopher Decharms,R.;  Debener,Stefan;  De Ridder,Dirk;  Davelaar,Eddy J.;  Congedo,Marco;  Cavazza,Marc;  Breteler,Marinus H.M.;  Brandeis,Daniel;  Bodurka,Jerzy;  Birbaumer,Niels;  Bazanova,Olga M.;  Barth,Beatrix;  Bamidis,Panagiotis D.;  Auer,Tibor;  Arns,Martijn;  Thibault,Robert T.
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checklist  consensus  guidelines  neurofeedback  regulation  
From Fragmentation to Harmonization of Consumer Law: The Perspective of China Journal article
Journal of Consumer Policy, 2020,Volume: 43,Issue: 1,Page: 35-56
Authors:  Wei,D.
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China  Consumer Law  Fragmentation  Harmonization