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Parenting, self-concept, and attitudes about romantic relationships Journal article
Journal of Adolescence, 2020,Volume: 82,Page: 41-49
Authors:  Wei-Wen Chen;  Huanling Yuan;  Xin Yang;  Si Kei Lai
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Perceived Parenting  Romantic Relationships  Self-concept  
Transmission of ideas about love: Filial piety, love attitudes, and romantic satisfaction Journal article
PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS, 2017,Volume: 24,Issue: 2,Page: 440-452
Authors:  Chen, Wei-Wen;  Wu, Chih-Wen
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Should university students be engaged in romantic relationships? Book chapter
出自: Advances in Sociology Research:Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2015, 页码: 83-96
Authors:  Keung Fai WU;  Hoi Yan Cheung;  Veronica Lai
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Life Satisfaction  Relationship Satisfaction  Romantic Relationship  University Students  
Does Higher Socioeconomic Status Increase Contact between Minorities and Whites An Examination of International Romantic Relationships among Adolescents Journal article
Social Science Quarterly, 2007,Volume: 88,Issue: 1,Page: 146-164
Authors:  Hongyu Wang;  Grace Kao
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