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Racism and the AFL Listening to the stories of Adam Goodes and Shane Edwards Journal article
SPORT AND DISCRIMINATION, 2017,Volume: 72,Page: 32-43
Authors:  Fuller, Andy;  Kilvington, D;  Price, J
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How Much Is a Good School Worth in Beijing? Identifying Price Premium with Paired Resale and Rental Data Journal article
Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 2015,Volume: 53,Issue: 2,Page: 184-199
Authors:  Zheng,Siqi;  Hu,Wanyang;  Wang,Rui
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Beijing  Home Price Premium  Key Primary School  Paired Data  Rent  
Optimal pricing with yield management in M/M/c Conference paper
2014 Tenth International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Security, Kunming U Sci Technol, Kunming, PEOPLES R CHINA, NOV 15-16, 2014
Authors:  Xin LI;  Zhaotong Lian
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M/m/c  Pricing  Yield Management  
Tax incidence and price discrimination: An application of theories to gambling markets Journal article
China Economic Review, 2014,Volume: 28,Page: 135-151
Authors:  Xinhua Gu;  Pui Sun Tam
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Casino Tourism  Tax Incidence  Market Segmentation  Price Discrimination  General Equilibrium  
Simultaneous determination of six main nucleosides and bases in natural and cultured Cordyceps by capillary electrophoresis Journal article
JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A, 2004,Volume: 1055,Issue: 1-2,Page: 215-221
Authors:  Gong, YX;  Li, SP;  Li, P;  Liu, JJ;  Wang, YT
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Scientific Rediscovery  Antioxidation Activity  Hypoglycemic Activity  Sinensis Increases  Mycelia  Cells  Activation  Ergosterol  Medicine  Body