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The interrelation between interpretation biases, threat expectancies and pain-related attentional processing Journal article
European Journal of Pain (United Kingdom), 2020,Volume: 24,Issue: 10,Page: 1956-1967
Authors:  Chan, Frederick H.F.;  Jackson, Todd;  Hsiao, Janet H.;  Chan, Antoni B.;  Barry, Tom J.
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Pain-related attentional processes: A systematic review of eye-tracking research Journal article
Clinical Psychology Review, 2020,Volume: 80
Authors:  Chan, Frederick H.F.;  Suen, Hin;  Jackson, Todd;  Vlaeyen, Johan W.S.;  Barry, Tom J.
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Attentional bias  Eye tracking  Pain  Systematic review  
Neural Activation during Anticipation of Near Pain-Threshold Stimulation among the Pain-Fearful Journal article
Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2016,Volume: 10,Issue: 342
Authors:  Zhou Yang;  Todd Jackson;  Chengzhi Huang
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Fear Of Pain  Functional Neuroimaging  Midcingulate Cortex  Pain Anticipation  Pain Intensity