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The benefit function approach to modeling price-dependent demand systems: An application of duality theory Journal article
American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2019,Volume: 91,Issue: 4,Page: 1110-1123
Authors:  McLaren,Keith R.;  Wong,K. K.Gary
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Benefit Functions  Duality Theory  Inverse Demands  Numerical Inversion Estimation Method  
Trade distance functions and the derivation of inverse demand for imports Journal article
Applied Economics, 2019,Volume: 45,Issue: 29,Page: 4160-4168
Authors:  Wong,K. K.G.
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Numerical Inversion  Trade Distance Functions  Trade Utility Functions  
The use of conditional cost functions to generate estimable mixed demand systems Journal article
American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2019,Volume: 89,Issue: 2,Page: 273-286
Authors:  Wong,K. K.Gary;  Park,Hoanjae
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Conditional cost functions  Mixed demands  Numerical inversion estimation method  
Fast approximate inversion of a block triangular Toeplitz matrix with applications to fractional sub-diffusion equations Journal article
Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications, 2015,Volume: 22,Issue: 5,Page: 866-882
Authors:  Lu X.;  Pang H.-K.;  Sun H.-W.
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Block Triangular Toeplitz Matrix  Block ε{Lunate}-circulant Matrix  Fourier Transform  Fractional Sub-diffusion Equations  
An empirical investigation of the trade benefit function Journal article
Economics Letters, 2013,Volume: 119,Issue: 2,Page: 150-153
Authors:  Wong,K. K Gary
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Import Share Systems  Numerical Inversion  Trade Benefit Functions  
Effective Global Regularity and Empirical Modeling of Direct, Inverse and Mixed Demand Systems Journal article
Authors:  McLaren, Keith R;  Wong, K. K. Gary
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Effective global regularity and empirical modelling of direct, inverse, and mixed demand systems Journal article
Canadian Journal of Economics, 2009,Volume: 42,Issue: 2,Page: 749-770
Authors:  McLaren,Keith R.;  Wong,K. K Gary
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The Use of Conditional Cost Function to Generate Estimable Mixed Demand Systems Journal article
AMERICAN JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS, 2007,Volume: 89,Issue: 2,Page: 273-286
Authors:  Wong, K. K. Gary;  Park, Hoanjae
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Conditional Cost Functions  Mixed Demands  Numerical Inversion Estimation Method  
Specification and Estimation of Inverse Demand Systems: A Distance Function Approach Journal article
AMERICAN JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS, 2005,Volume: 87,Issue: 4,Page: 823-834
Authors:  Wong, KKG;  McLaren, KR
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Nverse Demands  Distance Functions  Numerical Inversion Estimation  Separability  
Specification and estimation of regular inverse demand systems: A distance function approach Journal article
American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2005,Volume: 87,Issue: 4,Page: 823
Authors:  Gary Wong K.K.;  Mclaren K.R.
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Distance functions  Inverse demands  Numerical inversion estimation  Separability