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Good Genes, Good Providers, and Good Fathers and Mothers: The Withholding of Parental Investment by Married Couples Journal article
Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, 2017,Volume: 11,Issue: 2,Page: 199-211
Authors:  Lei Chang;  Hui Jing Lu;  Xiao Qin Zhu
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Good Fathers  Good Genes  Good Providers  Mate Values  Parental Investment  
Ethnic Tourism and the Big Song: Public Pedagogies and the Ambiguity of Environmental Discourse in Southwest China Journal article
EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY AND THEORY, 2017,Volume: 49,Issue: 5,Page: 480-500
Authors:  Wu, Jinting
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rural ethnic tourism  ethnic singing  public pedagogy  environmental discourse  Southwest China  
Assessing the Influence of Music Courses on Pre-Service Teachers’Teaching Competency Book chapter
出自: Connecting practice, measurement, and evaluation : selected papers from the Fifth International Symposium on Assessment in Music Education, Chicago:GIA Publications, Inc., 2016, 页码: 217-230
Authors:  Dennis Ping-Cheng Wang
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Examining engagement and interaction of children with disabilities in inclusive kindergartens in China Journal article
Infants and Young Children, 2016,Volume: 29,Issue: 2,Page: 148-163
Authors:  Hu,Bi Ying;  Lim,Chih Ing;  Boyd,Brian
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Child Engagement  Child Interaction  Children With Disabilities  Chinese Kindergartens  Early Childhood Inclusion  
The Feasibility of Using Portfolio Assessments to Assess the Influence of Music Method Courses on Pre-Service Teachers Teaching Competency Conference paper
Porto Alegre,Brazil, 20–25 July 2014
Authors:  Dennis Ping-Cheng Wang
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The Use of Portfolio Assessment in the Undergraduate Seniors' Group Piano Class in Macao Book chapter
出自: Music assessment across cultures and continents : the culture of shared practice, Chicago:GIA Publications, 2013, 页码: 381-392
Authors:  Dennis Ping-Cheng Wang
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Assessing Elementary School Music Teachers’Music Competences and Teaching Effectiveness by Using Portfolio Assessments Conference paper
ABSTRACTS International Society for Music Education 30th World Conference on Music Education, Thessaloniki, Greece, 15-20 July, 2012
Authors:  Wang, Dennis Ping-Cheng
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The ideal speaker of Japanese English as portrayed in ‘language entertainment’ television Book chapter
Authors:  Andrew Moody;  Yuko Matsumoto
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Prime Minister  English Speaker  Language Education  Liberal Democratic Party  Japanese Speaker  
The Ideal Speaker of Japanese English as Portrayed in ‘Language Entertainment’ Television Book chapter
出自: ENGLISH IN JAPAN IN THE ERA OF GLOBALIZATION, Hong Kong:Hong Kong University Press, 2011, 页码: 103-126
Authors:  Andrew Moody;  Yuko Matsumoto
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Japanese Speaker  Prime Minister  English Speaker  Language Education  Liberal Democratic Party  
An Analytical Study of the Compatibility between Enhancing Children's Metrical Potential and Sporty Physical Movements Book chapter
出自: Global perception : sport education, teaching of Physical Education and curriculum studies, Aachen Germany:Meyer & Meyer Sport UK Ltd, 2010, 页码: 196-203
Authors:  Dennis Ping-Cheng Wang
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Physical Movement  Physical Education  Rhythm  Music Education