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Application of transmissibility measurements to operational modal analysis of railway, highway, and pedestrian cable-stayed bridges Journal article
Measurement, 2019,Volume: 148
Authors:  Qian Sun;  Wang-Ji Yan;  Wei-Xin Ren;  Ling-Ling Liu
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Structural Health Monitoring  Transmissibility Measurement  Operational Modal Analysis  Cable-stayed Bridge  High-speed Railway Bridge  Highway Bridge  
Modal decomposition using multi-channel response measurements Journal article
Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics, 2014,Volume: 37,Page: 60-73
Authors:  Ka-Veng Yuen;  Lambros S. Katafygiotis
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Modal Decomposition  Nonstationary Time Series  Principal Component Analysis  Signal Processing  Structural Health Monitoring  
Recursive stochastic subspace identification for structural parameter estimation Conference paper
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
Authors:  Chang C.C.;  Li Z.
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Modal analysis  Recursive  Structural dynamics  Time-varying systems