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Applying regulatory science in traditional chinese medicines for improving public safety and facilitating innovation in China: a scoping review and regulatory implications Journal article
Chinese Medicine (United Kingdom), 2021,Volume: 16,Issue: 1
Authors:  Liang, Zuanji;  Lai, Yunfeng;  Li, Meng;  Shi, Junnan;  Lei, Chi Ieong;  Hu, Hao;  Ung, Carolina Oi Lam
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China  Drug Regulatory Authority  National Medical Products Administration  Regulatory Science  Tcm  Traditional Medicine  
The effects of supply chain diversification during the COVID-19 crisis: Evidence from Chinese manufacturers Journal article
Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 2021,Volume: 155
Authors:  Lin, Yongjia;  Fan, Di;  Shi, Xuanyi;  Fu, Maggie
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Covid-19  Customer Base Diversification  Regression  Secondary Data  Supply Base Diversification  Supply Chain Disruption  
Porous geopolymer composites: A review Journal article
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 2021,Volume: 150
Authors:  Zhang, Xiaohong;  Bai, Chengying;  Qiao, Yingjie;  Wang, Xiaodong;  Jia, Dechang;  Li, Hongqiang;  Colombo, Paolo
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A. foA.s  B. Mechanical Properties  B. Porosity  Geopolymer-matrix Composites  
Inflation, endogenous quality increment, and economic growth Journal article
Mathematical Social Sciences, 2021,Volume: 114,Page: 72-86
Authors:  Hu, Ruiyang;  Yang, Yibai;  Zheng, Zhijie
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Economic growth  Endogenous quality increment  Monetary policy  R&D  
Application of AlexNet convolutional neural network architecture-based transfer learning for automated recognition of casting surface defects Conference paper
Proceedings - International Research Conference on Smart Computing and Systems Engineering, SCSE 2021, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 16-16 Sept. 2021
Authors:  Thalagala, Shiron;  Walgampaya, Chamila
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Automated Inspection  Casting Defect Detection  Convolutional Neural Networks  Hyperparameters  Transfer Learning  
Battery Electrode Mass Loading Prognostics and Analysis for Lithium-Ion Battery–Based Energy Storage Systems Journal article
Frontiers in Energy Research, 2021,Volume: 9
Authors:  Chen, Tao;  Song, Meng;  Hui, Hongxun;  Long, Huan
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battery electrode property prediction  battery parameter analysis  data-driven model  energy storage system  lithium-ion battery  
Environmental rule enforcement and cash holdings: Evidence from a natural experiment Journal article
Economic Modelling, 2021,Volume: 103
Authors:  Tan, Jianhua;  Chen, Tao;  Zhang, Peng;  Chan, Kam C.
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Agency motives  Cash holdings  Environmental rule enforcement  Precautionary motives  
Recent advances in nanogenerators-based flexible electronics for electromechanical biomonitoring Journal article
Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2021,Volume: 186
Authors:  Li, Zhaoyang;  Cui, Yong;  Zhong, Junwen
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Electrostatic  Nanogenerator  Physiological Signals  Piezoelectric  
Sub-6 GHz ceramic inverted-L antenna with non-resonant structure and leaky-wave radiation Journal article
Applied Physics Letters, 2021,Volume: 119,Issue: 3
Authors:  Fan, Fei;  Wang, Shiyan;  Zhu, Lei;  Yang, Li;  Li, Yin;  Zhang, Gang;  Wong, Sai Wai
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Varieties in state capitalism and corporate innovation: Evidence from an emerging economy Journal article
Journal of Corporate Finance, 2021,Volume: 67
Authors:  Lin, Yongjia;  Fu, Xiaoqing;  Fu, Xiaolan
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Corruption  Economic policy uncertainty  ESG  Innovation  State capitalism  Ultimate controlling ownership