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Micro–meso–macro movements; a multi-level critical discourse analysis framework to examine metaphors and the value of truth in policy texts Journal article
Critical Discourse Studies, 2016,Volume: 13,Issue: 5,Page: 531-547
Authors:  Talib,Nadira;  Fitzgerald,Richard
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Critical Discourse Analysis  Evaluation  Foucault  Metaphor  Neo-liberalism  Nietzsche  Policy Analysis  Political Economy  Truth  Valuation  
INEQUALITY AS MERITOCRACY: The use of the metaphor of diversity and the value of inequality within Singapore's meritocratic education system Journal article
Critical Discourse Studies, 2015,Volume: 12,Issue: 4,Page: 445-462
Authors:  Talib,Nadira;  Fitzgerald,Richard
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Critical Discourse Analysis  Education Policy  Foucault  Meritocracy  Metaphor  Nietzsche  Philosophy  Political Economy  Singapore  Valuation  
澳门教师教育政策之考古及系谱研究 Journal article
华南师范大学学报 ( 社会科学版), 2014,Issue: 6,Page: 50-55
Authors:  黄素君
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澳门教师教育  政策  考古分析  系谱学  
The cyberpolitics of the governed Journal article
Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, 2013,Volume: 14,Issue: 2,Page: 252-271
Authors:  Liu,Shih Diing
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Egao  Government  Macau  Network Struggle  Postcolonial Resistance  
教师专业发展的伦理向度:一项叙事研究 Journal article
教育学术月刊, 2013,Issue: 4,Page: 42-45+68
Authors:  黄华;  黄素君
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教师专业发展  伦理  叙事探究  
An Excursion into the Time Tunnel of Curriculum Development in Macau: A Story of Discourses and Practices Journal article
US-China Education Review, 2006,Volume: 3,Issue: 5,Page: 11-18
Authors:  Sou-Kuan VONG
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Discourse And Practice  Curriculum Development  Macau  Post-structuralist Perspective