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Role of the Exciton-Polariton in a Continuous-Wave Optically Pumped CsPbBr3Perovskite Laser Journal article
Nano Letters, 2020,Volume: 20,Issue: 9,Page: 6636-6643
Authors:  Shang,Qiuyu;  Li,Meili;  Zhao,Liyun;  Chen,Dingwei;  Zhang,Shuai;  Chen,Shulin;  Gao,Peng;  Shen,Chao;  Xing,Jun;  Xing,Guichuan;  Shen,Bo;  Liu,Xinfeng;  Zhang,Qing
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Continuous-wave Laser  Cspbbr3  Exciton-polariton  Low Threshold  Microlaser  Perovskite  
Quantization of excitons in CuCl epitaxial thin films: Behavior between a two-dimensional quantum well and the bulk Journal article
Physical Review B, 1995,Volume: 52,Issue: 4,Page: 2640-2648
Authors:  Tang Z.K.;  Yanase A.;  Segawa Y.;  Matsuura N.;  Cho K.
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Optical selection rule and oscillator strength of confined exciton system in CuCl thin films Journal article
Physical Review Letters, 1993,Volume: 71,Issue: 9,Page: 1431-1434
Authors:  Tang Z.K.;  Yanase A.;  Yasui T.;  Segawa Y.;  Cho K.
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