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Prediction for Decision Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic Book chapter
出自: Predictive Models for Decision Support in the COVID-19 Crisis, Cham:Springer, 2021, 页码: 1-13
Authors:  Joao Alexandre Lobo Marques;  Francisco Nauber Bernardo Gois;  José Xavier-Neto;  Simon James Fong
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Epidemiology Compartmental Models—SIR, SEIR, and SEIR with Intervention Book chapter
出自: Predictive Models for Decision Support in the COVID-19 Crisis, Cham:Springer, 2021, 页码: 15-39
Authors:  Joao Alexandre Lobo Marques;  Francisco Nauber Bernardo Gois;  José Xavier-Neto;  Simon James Fong
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Socioeconomic determinants of depression amid the anti-extradition bill protests in Hong Kong: The mediating role of daily routine disruptions Journal article
Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 2020,Volume: 74,Issue: 12,Page: 988-994
Authors:  Lai, Francisco Tsz Tsun;  Hall, Brian J.;  Liang, Li;  Galea, Sandro;  Hou, Wai Kai
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Depression  Health inequalities  Mental health  Psychological stress  Social science  
Gender Difference in the Prevalence of Insomnia: A Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies Journal article
Frontiers in Psychiatry, 2020,Volume: 11
Authors:  Zeng,Liang Nan;  Zong,Qian Qian;  Yang,Yuan;  Zhang,Ling;  Xiang,Yi Fan;  Ng,Chee H.;  Chen,Li Gang;  Xiang,Yu Tao
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gender difference  insomnia  meta-analysis  observational studies  prevalence  
Prevalence and Socio-Demographic Correlates of Poor Mental Health Among Older Adults in Agricultural Areas of China Journal article
Frontiers in Psychiatry, 2020,Volume: 11
Authors:  Jin,Yu;  Zhang,Yun Shu;  Zhang,Qinge;  Rao,Wen Wang;  Zhang,Li Li;  Cui,Li Jun;  Li,Jian Feng;  Li,Lin;  Ungvari,Gabor S.;  Jackson,Todd;  Li,Ke Qing;  Xiang,Yu Tao
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agriculture  China  correlates  epidemiology  mental health  
Depression risk and body mass index among immigrants and non-immigrants in Canada: results from the Canadian Community Health Surveys, 2010–2014 Journal article
Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 2020,Volume: 55,Issue: 10,Page: 1283-1295
Authors:  Su, Yingying;  Rao, Wenwang;  D’Arcy, Carl
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Body mass index  Depression  Dose response  Immigrant  Restricted spline function  
Patient Health Questionnaire-9 scores do not accurately estimate depression prevalence: individual participant data meta-analysis Journal article
Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 2020,Volume: 122,Page: 115-128.e1
Authors:  Levis, Brooke;  Benedetti, Andrea;  Ioannidis, John P.A.;  Sun, Ying;  Negeri, Zelalem;  He, Chen;  Wu, Yin;  Krishnan, Ankur;  Bhandari, Parash Mani;  Neupane, Dipika;  Imran, Mahrukh;  Rice, Danielle B.;  Riehm, Kira E.;  Saadat, Nazanin;  Azar, Marleine;  Boruff, Jill;  Cuijpers, Pim;  Gilbody, Simon;  Kloda, Lorie A.;  McMillan, Dean;  Patten, Scott B.;  Shrier, Ian;  Ziegelstein, Roy C.;  Alamri, Sultan H.;  Amtmann, Dagmar;  Ayalon, Liat;  Baradaran, Hamid R.;  Beraldi, Anna;  Bernstein, Charles N.;  Bhana, Arvin;  Bombardier, Charles H.;  Carter, Gregory;  Chagas, Marcos H.;  Chibanda, Dixon;  Clover, Kerrie;  Conwell, Yeates;  Diez-Quevedo, Crisanto;  Fann, Jesse R.;  Fischer, Felix H.;  Gholizadeh, Leila;  Gibson, Lorna J.;  Green, Eric P.;  Greeno, Catherine G.;  Hall, Brian J.;  Haroz, Emily E.;  Ismail, Khalida;  Jetté, Nathalie;  Khamseh, Mohammad E.;  Kwan, Yunxin;  Lara, Maria Asunción;  Liu, Shen Ing;  Loureiro, Sonia R.;  Löwe, Bernd;  Marrie, Ruth Ann;  Marsh, Laura;  McGuire, Anthony;  Muramatsu, Kumiko;  Navarrete, Laura;  Osório, Flávia L.;  Petersen, Inge;  Picardi, Angelo;  Pugh, Stephanie L.;  Quinn, Terence J.;  Rooney, Alasdair G.;  Shinn, Eileen H.;  Sidebottom, Abbey;  Spangenberg, Lena;  Tan, Pei Lin Lynnette;  Taylor-Rowan, Martin;  Turner, Alyna;  van Weert, Henk C.;  Vöhringer, Paul A.;  Wagner, Lynne I.;  White, Jennifer;  Winkley, Kirsty;  Thombs, Brett D.
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Depression prevalence  Individual participant data meta-analysis  PHQ-9  SCID  
Prevalence and socio-demographic correlates of major depressive disorder in older adults in Hebei province, China Journal article
Journal of Affective Disorders, 2020,Volume: 265,Page: 590-594
Authors:  Zhang,Yun Shu;  Jin,Yu;  Rao,Wen Wang;  Cui,Li Jun;  Li,Jian Feng;  Li,Lin;  Ungvari,Gabor S.;  Hall,Brian J.;  Li,Ke Qing;  Xiang,Yu Tao
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China  Correlates  Elderly  Epidemiology  Major depressive disorder  
Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of patients infected with 2019-new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2): A review and perspective Journal article
International Journal of Biological Sciences, 2020,Volume: 16,Issue: 10,Page: 1708-1717
Authors:  Yang,Yang;  Islam,Md Sahidul;  Wang,Jin;  Li,Yuan;  Chen,Xin
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Coronavirus Pneumonia  Sars-cov-2  Traditional Chinese Medicine (Tcm)  
The prevalence of agranulocytosis and related death in clozapine-treated patients: A comprehensive meta-analysis of observational studies Journal article
Psychological Medicine, 2020,Volume: 50,Issue: 4,Page: 583-594
Authors:  Li,Xiao Hong;  Zhong,Xiao Mei;  Lu,Li;  Zheng,Wei;  Wang,Shi Bin;  Rao,Wen Wang;  Wang,Shuai;  Ng,Chee H.;  Ungvari,Gabor S.;  Wang,Gang;  Xiang,Yu Tao
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Agranulocytosis  clozapine  meta-analysis  prevalence