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An evaluation of the urban metabolism of Macao from 2003 to 2013 Journal article
Authors:  Lei, Kampeng;  Liu, Lu;  Lou, Inchio
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Urban metabolism  Emergy  Dissipative system  Sustainability  Macao  
Mass, energy, and emergy analysis of the metabolism of Macao Journal article
Journal of Cleaner Production, 2016,Volume: 114,Page: 160-170
Authors:  Lei, Kampeng;  Liu, Lu;  Hu, Dan;  Lou, Inchio
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Sustainability evaluation of e-waste treatment based on emergy analysis and the LCA method: A case study of a trial project in Macau Journal article
Ecological Indicators, 2013,Volume: 30,Page: 138
Authors:  Song Q.;  Wang Z.;  Li J.
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E-waste  Emergy analysis  Life cycle assessment  Macau  Sustainability  
Sustainability evaluation of an e-waste treatment enterprise based on emergy analysis in China Journal article
Ecological Engineering, 2012,Volume: 42,Page: 223
Authors:  Song Q.;  Wang Z.;  Li J.;  Duan H.
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China  E-waste  Emergy indices  Sustainability  
Emergy synthesis and simulation for Macao Journal article
Energy, 2008,Volume: 33,Issue: 4,Page: 613
Authors:  Lei K.;  Wang Z.
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Emergy analysis  Emergy indicators  Macao  Simulation  STELLA  
Holistic emergy analysis of Macao Journal article
Ecological Engineering, 2008,Volume: 32,Issue: 1,Page: 30
Authors:  Lei K.;  Wang Z.;  Ton S.
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Emergy  Macao  Net emergy  Net emergy ratio  Sustainability  Tourism  
Emergy synthesis of tourism-based urban ecosystem Journal article
Journal of Environmental Management, 2008,Volume: 88,Issue: 4,Page: 831
Authors:  Lei K.;  Wang Z.
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Emergy synthesis  Emergy-based indices  Gambling  Macao  Net emergy  Net emergy ratio  Tourism