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Deep learning-based crack identification for steel pipelines by extracting features from 3d shadow modeling Journal article
Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 2021,Volume: 11,Issue: 13
Authors:  Altabey, Wael A.;  Noori, Mohammad;  Wang, Tianyu;  Ghiasi, Ramin;  Kuok, Sin Chi;  Wu, Zhishen
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3D shadow modeling  Automatic crack identification  Convolutional neural network (CNN)  Deep learning  Structural health monitoring (SHM)  
An Alternating Direction Minimization based denoising method for extracted ion chromatogram Journal article
Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, 2020,Volume: 206
Authors:  Li,Tianjun;  Chen,Long;  Lu,Xiliang
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Denoise  Extracted Ion Chromatogram  Mass Spectra  Noise Reduction  Proteomics