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Activation of FGFR2 Signaling Suppresses BRCA1 and Drives Triple-Negative Mammary Tumorigenesis That is Sensitive to Immunotherapy Journal article
Advanced Science, 2021,Volume: 8,Issue: 21
Authors:  Lei, Josh Haipeng;  Lee, Mi Hye;  Miao, Kai;  Huang, Zebin;  Yao, Zhicheng;  Zhang, Aiping;  Xu, Jun;  Zhao, Ming;  Huang, Zenan;  Zhang, Xin;  Chen, Si;  Jiaying, N. G.;  Feng, Yuzhao;  Xing, Fuqiang;  Chen, Ping;  Sun, Heng;  Chen, Qiang;  Xiang, Tingxiu;  Chen, Lin;  Xu, Xiaoling;  Deng, Chu Xia
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BRCA1  breast cancer  FGFR2 inhibitor  FGFR2-S252W  tumor slice culture  
Impact of COVID-19 on Urban Energy Consumption of Commercial Tourism City Journal article
Sustainable Cities and Society, 2021,Volume: 73
Authors:  Zhang, Dongdong;  Li, Hongyi;  Zhu, Hongyu;  Zhang, Hongcai;  Goh, Hui Huang;  Wong, Man Chung;  Wu, Thomas
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Commercial Tourism City  Covid-19 Pandemic  Energy Management  Energy Structure Characteristic  Urban Energy Consumption  
Formation of the traditional Chinese state ritual system of sacrifice to mountain and water spirits Journal article
Religions, 2021,Volume: 12,Issue: 5
Authors:  Jia, Jinhua
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Chinese historical geography  Chinese religion  Five sacred peaks  Five strongholds  Four seas  Four waterways  State ritual system of sacrifice  
Aggregation and its influence on the bioactivities of a novel antimicrobial peptide, temporin-pf, and its analogues Journal article
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2021,Volume: 22,Issue: 9
Authors:  Zai, Yu;  Xi, Xinping;  Ye, Zhuming;  Ma, Chengbang;  Zhou, Mei;  Chen, Xiaoling;  Siu, Shirley W.I.;  Chen, Tianbao;  Wang, Lei;  Kwok, Hang Fai
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Antimicrobial activity  MD simulation  Peptide aggregation  Temporin  
engineered skin substitute regenerates the skin with hair follicle formation Journal article
Biomedicines, 2021,Volume: 9,Issue: 4
Authors:  Wang, Jinmei;  Wang, Xiaoxiao;  Xie, Jundong;  Yao, Bin;  Mo, Miaohua;  Ma, Danjun;  Huang, Chen;  Xu, Renhe;  Fu, Xiaobing;  Tredget, Edward E.;  Wu, Yaojiong
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engineered skin substitute  hair follicle neogenesis  skin derived precursors  
Astaxanthin as a microalgal metabolite for aquaculture: A review on the synthetic mechanisms, production techniques, and practical application Journal article
Algal Research, 2021,Volume: 54
Authors:  Lu, Qian;  Li, Huankai;  Zou, Yao;  Liu, Hui;  Yang, Limin
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Aquaculture  Astaxanthin  Metabolite  Microalgae  Supplementation  
‘The evil of our collective soul’: Zombies, medical capitalism and environmental apocalypse Journal article
Horror Studies, 2021,Volume: 12,Issue: 1,Page: 7-25
Authors:  Hughes, William
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Apocalyptic fiction  Climate change  Ecogothic  Organ-harvesting  Pandemic  Zombies  
In Search of “Spectrum of Chineseness” in Chinese Literature in the New Era Journal article
Interdisciplinary Studies of Literature, 2021,Volume: 5,Issue: 1,Page: 145-168
Authors:  Seng, Fong Keng
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Chinese literature overseas  Chinese narratology  Chineseness  ethical literary criticism  local Chinese literary criticism  
Societal-level utility value strengthens the relationship between student-level utility value and achievement: A person-culture fit perspective Journal article
British Journal of Educational Psychology, 2021,Volume: 91,Issue: 1,Page: 328-346
Authors:  King, Ronnel B.;  Cai, Yuyang;  Du, Hongfei
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multi-level random-slopes SEM  person-culture fit  PISA  socio-ecological approach  value congruence  value fit  
Stigma, Discrimination, and Hate Crimes in Chinese-Speaking World amid Covid-19 Pandemic Journal article
Asian Journal of Criminology, 2021,Volume: 16,Issue: 1,Page: 51-74
Authors:  Xu, Jianhua;  Sun, Guyu;  Cao, Wei;  Fan, Wenyuan;  Pan, Zhihao;  Yao, Zhaoyu;  Li, Han
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Covid-19  Hate crimes  Stigma