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Hospitality and host–guest paradigm in China: a rejoinder to Chen Journal article
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 2021,Volume: 33,Issue: 10,Page: 3296-3305
Authors:  Qi, Changlong
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China  Essentialism  Hospitality  Host–guest paradigm  
Marketing Communist Party membership in China Journal article
Public Choice, 2021,Volume: 188,Issue: 1-2,Page: 241-268
Authors:  Han, Li;  Li, Tao
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Authoritarian regimes  China  Party recruitment  Political selection  
An Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin Genome Reveals Insights into Chromosome Evolution and the Demography of a Vulnerable Species Journal article
iScience, 2020,Volume: 23,Issue: 10
Authors:  Zhang,Peijun;  Zhao,Yong;  Li,Chang;  Lin,Mingli;  Dong,Lijun;  Zhang,Rui;  Liu,Mingzhong;  Li,Kuan;  Zhang,He;  Liu,Xiaochuan;  Zhang,Yaolei;  Yuan,Yuan;  Liu,Huan;  Seim,Inge;  Sun,Shuai;  Du,Xiao;  Chang,Yue;  Li,Feida;  Liu,Shanshan;  Lee,Simon Ming Yuen;  Wang,Kun;  Wang,Ding;  Wang,Xianyan;  McGowen,Michael R.;  Jefferson,Thomas A.;  Olsen,Morten Tange;  Stiller,Josefin;  Zhang,Guojie;  Xu,Xun;  Yang,Huanming;  Fan,Guangyi;  Liu,Xin;  Li,Songhai
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Evolutionary Biology  Genetics  Genomics  
Unhealthy aging? Featuring older people in television food commercials in China Journal article
International Journal of Nursing Sciences, 2020,Volume: 7,Page: S67-S73
Authors:  Jiao, Wen;  Chang, Angela Wen Yu
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Advertising  Aged  Ageism  China  Food  Healthy aging  Marketing  Stereotypes  
Re-inventing confucian subjects: politics of subject-making in Chinese dating with the parents Journal article
Continuum, 2020,Volume: 34,Issue: 5,Page: 665-677
Authors:  Song, Lin
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Chinese dating shows  Confucianism  Reality television  state-sanctioned subjectivities  
Cultural Differences in the Tendency to Seek Practical versus Theoretical Information Journal article
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 2020,Volume: 51,Issue: 7-8,Page: 636-653
Authors:  Spina, Roy;  Ji, Li Jun;  Guo, Tieyuan;  Li, Ye;  Zhang, Zhiyong
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culture  curiosity  information seeking  motivation  social cognition  
China's Normative Foreign Policy and Its Multilateral Engagement in Asia Journal article
Pacific Focus, 2020,Volume: 35,Issue: 2,Page: 229-249
Authors:  Song, Weiqing
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Asian regionalism  Chinese foreign policy  normative foreign policy  relational theory  Shanghai cooperation organization  
Between business and morality: cultural politics in independent bookshops in China Journal article
Journal of Cultural Economy, 2020,Volume: 13,Issue: 4,Page: 461-474
Authors:  Liu, Zheng
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China  cultural business  cultural politics  cultural production  independent bookselling  
Global impacts of China–US trade tensions Journal article
Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, 2020,Volume: 29,Issue: 5,Page: 510-545
Authors:  Tam, Pui Sun
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China–US relation  global imbalances  global value chains  global vector autoregression  trade tensions  
Pride as structure of feeling: Wolf Warrior II and the national subject of the Chinese Dream Journal article
Chinese Journal of Communication, 2020,Volume: 13,Issue: 3,Page: 329-343
Authors:  Shi, Wei;  Liu, Shih Diing
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Chinese Dream  Chinese nationalism  Emotion  pride  structure of feeling  subjectivity