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Transient behavior and reaction mechanism of CO catalytic ignition over a CuO-CeO 2 mixed oxide Journal article
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 2021
Authors:  Kang,Running;  Ma,Pandong;  He,Junyao;  Li,Huixin;  Bin,Feng;  Wei,Xiaolin;  Dou,Baojuan;  Hui,Kwun Nam;  Hui,Kwan San
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Carbon Monoxide  Catalytic Ignition  Copper-cerium Oxide  Reaction Mechanism  Transient Behavior  
New developments in the growth of 4 Angstrom carbon nanotubes in linear channels of zeolite template Journal article
Carbon, 2014,Volume: 76,Page: 401-409
Authors:  Chen Q.;  Wang Z.;  Zheng Y.;  Shi W.;  Wang D.;  Luo Y.-C.;  Zhang B.;  Lu J.;  Zhang H.;  Pan J.;  Mou C.-Y.;  Tang Z.;  Sheng P.
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Framework of vehicle emission inspection and control through RFID and traffic lights Conference paper
Proceedings 2011 International Conference on System Science and Engineering, ICSSE 2011, Macao, China, 8-10 June 2011
Authors:  Vong C.-M.;  Wong P.-K.;  Ip W.-F.
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Rfid  Vehicle Emission Inspection And Control  
Spike latency coding in biologically inspired microelectronic nose Conference paper
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems
Authors:  Chen H.T.;  Ng K.T.;  Bermak A.;  Law M.K.;  Martinez D.
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Electronic nose  gas sensors  neuromorphic engineering  olfactory system  spiking neurons  
CuCl-mediated tandem CO insertion and annulation of 1,4-dilithio-1,3- dienes: Formation of multiply substituted cyclopentadienones and/or their head-to-head dimers Journal article
Chemical Communications, 2008,Issue: 13,Page: 1593-1595
Authors:  Luo Q.;  Wang C.;  Zhang W.-X.;  Xi Z.
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Influences of urban forms on traffic-induced noise and air pollution: Results from a modelling system Journal article
Environmental Modelling and Software, 2007,Volume: 22,Issue: 12,Page: 1750
Authors:  Tang U.W.;  Wang Z.S.
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Air pollution  GIS  Noise  Traffic  Urban form  Vehicle chase