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An ERP investigation on the second language and emotion perception: the role of emotion word type Journal article
International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 2019
Authors:  Wu,Chenggang;  Zhang,Juan;  Yuan,Zhen
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Emotion-label Words  Emotion-laden Words  Emotional Picture  Second Language  Valence  
English Literacy Instruction for Chinese Speakers Book
Singapore:Palgrave Macmillan, 1, 2019
Authors:  Barry Lee Reynolds;  Mark Feng Teng
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Measuring Two Types of Inhibitory Control in Bilinguals and Trilinguals: Is There a Trilingual Advantage? Journal article
Psychological Studies, 2018,Volume: 63,Issue: 1,Page: 52-60
Authors:  Madrazo,Arnel R.;  Bernardo,Allan B.I.
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Bilingualism  Cognitive Advantage  Inhibitory Control  Simon Arrow Task  Trilingualism  
Cognate facilitation priming effect is modulated by writing system: Evidence from Chinese-English bilinguals Journal article
International Journal of Bilingualism, 2018,Volume: 23,Issue: 2,Page: 553–566
Authors:  Juan Zhang;  Chenggang Wu;  Tiemin Zhou;  Yaxuan Meng
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Cognate  Cognate Facilitation Effect  Cross-script  Masked Translation Priming Paradigm  Writing System  
Translanguaging in multimodal Macao posters: Flexible versus separate multilingualism Journal article
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BILINGUALISM, 2017,Volume: 21,Issue: 1,Page: 34-56
Authors:  Zhang, Hong;  Chan, Brian Hok-Shing
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Flexible multilingualism  separate multilingualism  translanguaging  Macao (Macau)  posters  multimodality  
English as Anomaly: The 'Unofficial' Language of Macau S.A.R., China. Journal article
Gláuks: Revista de Letras e Artes, 2017,Volume: 17,Issue: 1,Page: 34-57
Authors:  Vivian F Chaplin;  Manuel Antonio Noronha
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Basic Law  Bilingualism  Macao Special Administrative Region  Multiculturalism  
Portmanteau Constructions, Phrase Structure, and Linearization Journal article
FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY, 2015,Volume: 6,Page: 1-16
Authors:  Brian Hok-Shing Chan
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Code-switching  Portmanteau Construction  Word Order  Phrase Structure  Linearization  
A diachronic-functional approach to explaining grammatical patterns in code-switching: Postmodification in Cantonese–English noun phrases Journal article
International Journal of Bilingualism, 2015,Volume: 19,Issue: 1,Page: 17-39
Authors:  Chan,Brian Hok Shing
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Bilingual Speech Model  Code-switching  Matrix Language Frame Model  noun phrases  Null Theory  postmodification  reinsertion  schematization  
Uniqueness and overlap: Characteristics and longitudinal correlates of native Chinese children's writing in english as a foreign language Journal article
Bilingualism, 2014,Volume: 17,Issue: 2,Page: 347-363
Authors:  Zhang,Juan;  McBride-Chang,Catherine;  Wagner,Richard K.;  Chan,Shingfong
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Language Production Errors  Language Transfer  Longitudinal Predictors  Second Language Writing  Writing Quality  
Language and society in Macao A review of sociolinguistic studies on Macao in the past three decades Journal article
Chinese Language and Discourse, 2010,Volume: 1,Issue: 2,Page: 293–324
Authors:  Xi Yan;  Andrew Moody
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Macao  Sociolinguistics  Bilingualism/multilingualism