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Synthesis of large single crystals of AlPO-LTA by using n-Propylamine as structure directing agent Journal article
Journal of Crystal Growth, 2014,Volume: 407,Page: 1-5
Authors:  Xu X.T.;  Zhai J.P.;  Chen Y.P.;  Li I.L.;  Chen H.Y.;  Ruan S.C.;  Tang Z.K.
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A1. Crystal morphology  A2. Hydrothermal crystal growth  A2. Single crystal growth  B1. Phosphates  
Solvothermal synthesis of Sb2S3 nanowires on a large scale Journal article
Journal of Crystal Growth, 2003,Volume: 258,Issue: 1-2,Page: 106-112
Authors:  Hanmei Hu;  Maosong Mo;  Baojun Yang;  Xuanjun Zhang;  Qiaowei Li;  Weichao Yu;  Yitai Qian
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A1. Crystal Morphology  A1. Low Dimensional Structures  A2. Growth From Solutions  B1. Nanomaterials  B1. Sulfides  B2. Semiconducting Materials