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Modeling and simulations for molecular scale hydrodynamics of the moving contact line in immiscible two-phase flows Journal article
Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, 2009,Volume: 21,Issue: 46
Authors:  Qian T.;  Wu C.;  Lei S.L.;  Wang X.-P.;  Sheng P.
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Input selection in learning systems: A brief review of some important issues and recent developments Conference paper
IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems
Authors:  Hu C.;  Wan F.
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Effective hamiltonian approach to the Kerr nonlinearity in an optomechanical system Journal article
Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, 2009,Volume: 80,Issue: 6
Authors:  Gong Z.R.;  Ian H.;  Liu Y.-X.;  Sun C.P.;  Nori F.
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Quality control of polysaccharides from medicinal plants and fungi Book
Authors:  Guan J.;  Li S.-P.
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Medicinal fungi  Medicinal plants  Polysaccharides  Qualification  Quality control  Quantitation  
Knowledge flow and boundary crossing at the periphery of a MNC Journal article
International Business Review, 2009,Volume: 18,Issue: 6,Page: 539-554
Authors:  Jacky Fok Loi Hong;  Robin Stanley Snell;  Mark Easterby Smith
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Boundary Crossinginter-organizational Learning  Knowledge Transfer  Mncs  Power  
Ferromagnetism in semiconductors doped with non-magnetic elements Book
Authors:  Feng Y.P.;  Pan H.;  Wu R.Q.;  Shen L.;  Ding J.;  Yi J.B.;  Wu Y.H.
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Chinese Foreign Policy Making: A Comparative Perspective Journal article
Public Administration Review, 2009,Volume: 69,Page: S136-S141
Authors:  Hao, Yufan;  Hou, Ying
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A Contemplation of Group Decision Support Systems Conference paper
ICCIT 2009 - 4th International Conference on Computer Sciences and Convergence Information Technology, Seoul, South Korea, 24-26 Nov. 2009
Authors:  Sohail Asghar;  Simon Fong;  Rukhsana
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Dss  Gdss And Collaboration  
Linking Leader-Member Exchange and Employee Work Outcomes: The Mediating Role of Organizational Social and Economic Exchange Journal article
Management and Organization Review, 2009,Volume: 5,Issue: 3,Page: 401-422
Authors:  Raymond Loi;  Yina Mao;  Hang-yue Ngo
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China  Leader-member Exchange  Organizational Economic Exchange  Organizational Social Exchange  Social Exchange Theory  
The mediating role of communication satisfaction in relational demography - a study in Macao, SAR context Journal article
Asia Pacific Business Review, 2009,Volume: 15,Issue: 4,Page: 547-564
Authors:  Chan, Ka Wai;  Wu, Jia Jun
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