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Investigation on behavior of thermal expansion of hydraulic cement paste Journal article
Jianzhu Cailiao Xuebao/Journal of Building Materials, 2007,Volume: 10,Issue: 6,Page: 631-635
Authors:  Li Q.-H.;  Yao Y.;  Sun B.;  Li Z.-J.
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High temperature  Hydraulic cement paste  Mechanism  Thermal cycle  Thermal expansion ratio  
Numerical simulations of upsetting process of the fresh fiber-cement paste Journal article
Journal of Engineering Mechanics, 2007,Volume: 133,Issue: 11,Page: 1192-1199
Authors:  Zhou X.;  Li Z.
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Cements  Fiber reinforced materials  Finite element method  Simulation  Strain rate  
Squeeze flow of viscoplastic cement-based extrudate Journal article
Journal of Engineering Mechanics, 2007,Volume: 133,Issue: 9,Page: 1003-1008
Authors:  Li Z.;  Li X.
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Cement  Flow  Strain rate  Viscoplasticity  
Influence of molar ratios on properties of magnesium oxychloride cement Journal article
Cement and Concrete Research, 2007,Volume: 37,Issue: 6,Page: 866-870
Authors:  Li Z.;  Chau C.K.
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Cement  Magnesia  Magnesium oxychloride  MOC  Molar ratio  
Selection of superplasticizer in concrete mix design by measuring the early electrical resistivities of pastes Journal article
Cement and Concrete Composites, 2007,Volume: 29,Issue: 5,Page: 350-356
Authors:  Xiao L.-z.;  Li Z.-j.;  Wei X.-s.
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Electrical resistivity  Saturation point  Setting and hardening  Superplasticizer