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ASIAN SURVEY 4 PLANNING THEORY 4 Corporate Governance: An International Review 3
Gaming, Governance and Public Policy in Macao 3 Journal of Contemporary Asia 3 Reducing Armed Violence with NGO Governance 3
ASIAN JOURNAL OF WTO & INTERNATIONAL HEALTH LAW AND POLICY 2 Advances in Financial Economics 2 Asia Pacific Law Review 2
Asia Pacific Viewpoint 2 Cities 2 ICEGOV ''09 Proceedings of the 3rd international conference on Theory and practice of electronic governance 2
International Relations 2 Planning Theory 2 SMEs and Open Innovation: Global Cases and Initiatives 2
SSRN Electronic Journal 2 SUSTAINABILITY ACCOUNTING MANAGEMENT AND POLICY JOURNAL 2 2014 Global Marketing Conference at Singapore Proceedings 1
21st Australasian Finance and Banking Conference 1 24th Australasian Finance and Banking Conference 2011 Paper 1