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Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis 1 Co-phase Traction Power Supply with Railway Hybrid Power Quality Conditioner 1 Consumer Law and Socioeconomic Development: National and International Dimensions 1
Frontiers in Computational Chemistry 1 Hydrogen Storage: Preparation, Applications and Technology 1 Innovative Research Methodologies in Management: Volume II: Futures, Biometrics and Neuroscience Research 1
Medicinal Plants: Classification, Biosynthesis and Pharmacology 1 Natural Products: Structure, Bioactivity and Applications 1 Power Systems 1
Reviews in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 1 Saponins: Properties, Applications and Health Benefits 1 Signaling, Gene Regulation and Cancer 1
Spintronics: Materials, Applications and Devices 1 Stem Cells and Human Diseases 1