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Introduction of a lacZ reporter gene into the mouse int-2 locus by homologous recombination Journal article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 1990,Volume: 87,Issue: 19,Page: 7693-7697
Authors:  Mansour S.L.;  Thomas K.R.;  Deng C.;  Capecchi M.R.
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Embryo-derived stem cells  Gene targeting  Mouse hprt gene  
High-fidelity gene targeting in embryonic stem cells by using sequence replacement vectors Journal article
Molecular and Cellular Biology, 1992,Volume: 12,Issue: 7,Page: 2919-2923
Authors:  Thomas K.R.;  Deng C.;  Capecchi M.R.
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Location of crossovers during gene targeting with insertion and replacement vectors Journal article
Molecular and Cellular Biology, 1993,Volume: 13,Issue: 4,Page: 2134-2140
Authors:  Deng C.;  Thomas K.R.;  Capecchi M.R.
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Reexamination of gene targeting frequency as a function of the extent of homology between the targeting vector and the target locus Journal article
Molecular and Cellular Biology, 1992,Volume: 12,Issue: 8,Page: 3365-3371
Authors:  Deng C.;  Capecchi M.R.
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Active anaphylaxis in IgE-deficient mice Journal article
Nature, 1994,Volume: 370,Issue: 6488,Page: 367-370
Authors:  Oettgen H.C.;  Martin T.R.;  Wynshaw-Boris A.;  Deng C.;  Drazen J.M.;  Leder P.
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Murine FGFR-1 is required for early postimplantation growth and axial organization Journal article
Genes and Development, 1994,Volume: 8,Issue: 24,Page: 3045-3057
Authors:  Deng C.-X.;  Wynshaw-Boris A.;  Shen M.M.;  Daugherty C.;  Ornitz D.M.;  Leder P.
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gastrulation  Gene targeting  mesoderm induction  pattern formation  
The MMTV/c-myc transgene and p53 null alleles collaborate to induce T-cell lymphomas, but not mammary carcinomas in transgenic mice Journal article
Oncogene, 1995,Volume: 11,Issue: 1,Page: 181-190
Authors:  Elson A.;  Deng C.;  Campos-Torres J.;  Donehower L.A.;  Leder P.
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c-myc  Collaboration  Mammary carcinoma  p53  T-cell lymphoma  
Mice Lacking p21 CIP1/WAF1 undergo normal development, but are defective in G1 checkpoint control Journal article
Cell, 1995,Volume: 82,Issue: 4,Page: 675-684
Authors:  Deng C.;  Zhang P.;  Wade Harper J.;  Elledge S.J.;  Leder P.
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Expression of Brca1 is associated with terminal differentiation of ectodermally and mesodermally derived tissues in mice Journal article
Genes and Development, 1995,Volume: 9,Issue: 21,Page: 2712-2722
Authors:  Lane T.F.;  Deng C.;  Elson A.;  Lyu M.S.;  Kozak C.A.;  Leder P.
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Brca1 expression  embryomic development  mammary gland  mouse homolog  Ring finger  terminal differentiation  transcription  
Fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 is a negative regulator of bone growth Journal article
Cell, 1996,Volume: 84,Issue: 6,Page: 911-921
Authors:  Deng C.;  Wynshaw-Boris A.;  Zhou F.;  Kuo A.;  Leder P.
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