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Brij-grafted-chitosan copolymers with function of P-glycoprotein modulation: Synthesis, characterization and in vitro investigations Journal article
Carbohydrate Polymers, 2019,Volume: 204,Page: 89-96
Authors:  Wei Xiong;  Yi Tao Wang
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Efficient preparation of submicrometer α-alumina powders by calcining carbon-covered alumina Journal article
Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2006,Volume: 89,Issue: 9,Page: 2744-2748
Authors:  Wang P.;  Wang C.;  Lin L.;  Zhu Y.;  Xie Y.
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The termodynamic model of open-circuit potential for electroless deposition of Ni on silicon Journal article
Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 2006,Volume: 153,Issue: 10
Authors:  Chang Y.L.;  Ye W.C.;  Ma C.L.;  Wang C.M.
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High performance Aurivillius phase sodium-potassium bismuth titanate lead-free piezoelectric ceramics with lithium and cerium modification Journal article
Applied Physics Letters, 2006,Volume: 89,Issue: 20
Authors:  Wang C.-M.;  Wang J.-F.
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Transmission electron microscopy of martensite/austenite islands in pipeline steel X70 Journal article
Materials Science and Engineering A, 2006,Volume: 438-440,Issue: SPEC. ISS.,Page: 267-271
Authors:  Wang C.;  Wu X.;  Liu J.;  Xu N.
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M/A islands  Pipeline steel  TEM  
Modeling segregation distortion for viability selection I. Reconstruction of linkage maps with distorted markers Journal article
Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 2007,Volume: 114,Issue: 2,Page: 295-305
Authors:  Zhu C.;  Wang C.;  Zhang Y.-M.
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EM algorithm  Genetic linkage map  Hidden Markov chain  Segregation distortion  Viability selection  
Electrochemical investigation of the surface energy: Effect of the HF concentration on electroless silver deposition onto p-Si (1 1 1) Journal article
Applied Surface Science, 2007,Volume: 253,Issue: 7,Page: 3419-3424
Authors:  Ye W.;  Chang Y.;  Ma C.;  Jia B.;  Cao G.;  Wang C.
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Direct current polarization  Electroless silver deposition  HF  Open circuit potential-time (Ocp-t) technique  Stress generation and relaxation  Surface energy  
MEK1/2 regulates microtubule organization, spindle pole tethering and asymmetric division during mouse oocyte meiotic maturation Journal article
Cell Cycle, 2007,Volume: 6,Issue: 3,Page: 330-338
Authors:  Yu L.-Z.;  Xiong B.;  Gao W.-X.;  Wang C.-M.;  Zhong Z.-S.;  Huo L.-J.;  Wang Q.;  Hou Y.;  Liu K.;  Liu X.J.;  Schatten H.;  Chen D.-Y.;  Sun Q.-Y.
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Centrosomal proteins  Meiotic maturation  MEK  Mouse oocytes  Spindle  
Study of the electroless silver seed formation on silicon surface Journal article
Chinese Journal of Chemistry, 2007,Volume: 25,Issue: 2,Page: 208-212
Authors:  Tong H.;  Wang C.-M.;  Ye W.-C.;  Chang Y.-L.;  Li H.-L.
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Electroless  Monolayer  Silicon  Silver seed  
The effect of 17 sesquiterpenes on cell viability and telomerase activity in the human ovarian cancer cell line HO-8910 Journal article
Planta Medica, 2007,Volume: 73,Issue: 2,Page: 180-184
Authors:  Wang C.-M.;  Jia Z.-N.;  Zheng R.-L.
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