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Board structure, corporate governance, and firm value: evidence from Hong Kong Journal article
Applied Financial Economics, 2012,Volume: 22,Issue: 15,Page: 1289-1303
Authors:  Adrian C. H. Lei;  Frank M. Song
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Corporate Governance  Board Structure  Firm Value  Family Ownership  Internal Corporate  Governance Mechanisms  
Does Tax Convexity Matters For Risk? A Dynamic Study on Tax Asymmetry and Equity Beta Journal article
Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 2012,Volume: 41,Issue: 1,Page: 131-147
Authors:  Keith Lam;  Adrian C. H. Lei;  Ho Yin Yick
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Contingent-claim Model  Growth Option  Default Option  Equity Beta  Tax Asymmetry  Tax Convexity  
Liquidity Creation, Banking Reform and Bank Performance in China Journal article
Global Finance Journal, 2013,Volume: 24,Issue: 3,Page: 188-202
Authors:  Adrian C.H.Lei;  ZhuoyunSong
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Risk Absorption  Liquidity Creation  Bank Capital Structure  Financial  Fragility-crowding-out  China  
Do Multiple Directorships Increase Firm Value? Evidence from Independent Directors in Hong Kong Journal article
Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting, 2014,Volume: 25,Issue: 2,Page: 121-181
Authors:  Adrian C. H. Lei;  Jie Deng
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Gamble more than you want? A study of casino servicescape, perceived control and unplanned gaming behaviors Journal article
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 2019,Volume: 31,Issue: 2,Page: 557-574
Authors:  Ying Ho;  Long W. Lam;  Desmond Lam
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Perceived Behavioral Control  Casino Servicescape  Unplanned Gaming  
Segmenting Chinese Gamblers Based on Gambling Forms: A Latent Class Analysis Journal article
Journal of Gambling Studies, 2019
Authors:  Sunny Zhenzhen Nong;  Lawrence Hoc Nang Fong;  Davis Ka Chio Fong;  Desmond Lam
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Chinese  Gambling Activity  Dsm-v  Gambling Disorder  Macau  
Exchange‐Traded Barrier Option and VPIN: Evidence from Hong Kong Journal article
Journal of Futures Markets, 2015,Volume: 35,Issue: 6,Page: 561-581
Authors:  William M. Cheung;  Robin K. Chou;  Adrian C.H. Lei
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Role of Adaptive Selling and Consumer Orientation on Salesperson Performance: Evidence from Two Distinct Markets of Europe and Asia Journal article
Journal of Transnational Management, 2016,Volume: 21,Issue: 2,Page: 62-83
Authors:  Kaynak, E.;  Kara, A;  Chow, C.S.F.;  Laukanen, T.
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Adaptive Selling  Salesperson Performance  Finland  Customer Orientation  Cross-country Investigation  Macau  
Journal of Macau Gaming Research Association, 2005,Issue: 2,Page: 40-54
Authors:  Glenn James McCartney
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Positive tourism image perceptions attract travellers – fact or fiction? The case of Beijing visitors to Macao Journal article
Journal of Vacation Marketing, 2009,Volume: 15,Issue: 2,Page: 179-193
Authors:  Glenn McCartney;  Richard Butler;  Marion Bennett
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Destination Brand Image  Attraction Attributes  
How Much to a Puff? Macao's Casino Smoking Ban Debate and the Implications for Mainland Chinese Visitation Journal article
Gaming Law Review and Economics: Regulation, Compliance, and Policy, 2016,Volume: 20,Issue: 7,Page: 571-580
Authors:  Glenn McCartney
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Knowledge Base and Skill Development in Accounting Education: Evidence from China Journal article
Journal of Accounting Education, 2005,Volume: 23,Issue: 3,Page: 149-169
Authors:  Z. Jun Lin;  Xiaoyan Xiong;  Min Liu
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Accounting Education  Accounting Education Reform  Chinese Accounting  Pedagogy In accountIng Education  
Credibility of Prospective Information under IFRS Journal article
International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance, 2011,Volume: 2,Issue: 6
Authors:  Zhemin Wang;  Zhijun Lin;  Jinsong Tan;  Ming Liu;  Yuansha Li;  Feida Zhang
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Iasb  Ifrs  Prospective Information  Signaling  
Taxation in Germany and Romania Journal article
International Business & Economics Research Journal, 2011,Volume: 11,Issue: 1
Authors:  Zhemin Wang;  Zhijun Lin;  Yan Tan;  Yuansha Li;  Morris Liu
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Taxation  European Union  Germany  Romania  
The Effects of Managerial Shareholding on Audit Fees: Evidence from Hong Kong Journal article
International Journal of Auditing, 2012,Volume: 17,Issue: 3,Page: 227-245
Authors:  Z. Jun Lin;  Ming Liu
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Managerial Shareholding (Ownership)  Corporate Governance  Audit Pricing Decision  Divergence-of-interests Effect  Entrenchment Effect  
Analysis of Time Pressure and Consumers’ Value Perceptions of Travel Fair Products: An Exploratory Study Journal article
Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing, 2013,Volume: 30,Issue: 5,Page: 509-521
Authors:  Christine Lim
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Consumer Travel Fair  Mediation Models  Perceived Value  Time Pressure  
Gen Y Consumers’ Perceptions of Quick Service Restaurant and the Mediating Role of Purchase Intentions – A Case Study of McDonald’s in Singapore Journal article
European Journal of Tourism Research, 2014,Volume: 7,Issue: 1,Page: 31-44
Authors:  Christine Lim;  Sheena Loh
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Purchase Intentions  Quick Service Restaurant  Consumers’ Attribute Perceptions  Mediating Role  Brand Loyalty  
Pre- and Post-Visit Perceptions of Youth Tourists to China Journal article
Journal of China Tourism Research, 2014,Volume: 10,Issue: 2,Page: 236-255
Authors:  Christine Lim;  See Lek Chew;  Zi Yu (Josephine) Lim;  Weiwei (Jessica) Liu
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Singaporean Youth Tourists  Factor Attributes  Destination Management  China  Destination Perception  
Modeling Tourist Flow Association for Tourism Demand Forecasting Journal article
CURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM, 2018,Volume: 21,Issue: 8,Page: 902-916
Authors:  Liang Zhu;  Christine Lim;  Wenjun Xie;  Yuan Wu
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Tourism Demand Forecasting  Tourist Flows  Dependence Structure  Copula-based Approach  Joint Distribution  
Dynamic Heterogeneous Panel Data Analysis of Tourism Demand for Singapore Journal article
JOURNAL OF TRAVEL & TOURISM MARKETING, 2017,Volume: 34,Issue: 9,Page: 1224-1234
Authors:  Christine Lim;  Liang Zhu
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Long-run Equilibrium Relationship  Tourism Demand Modeling  Dynamic Heterogeneous Panels  Pooled Mean Group Estimation