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Values, priorities and responses: Comparing English headteachers' and Hong Kong principals' perceptions of their work Journal article
School Leadership and Management, 2013,Volume: 33,Issue: 1,Page: 43-60
Authors:  Bottery,Mike;  Ngai,George;  Wong,Ping Man;  Wong,Ping Ho
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educational reforms  English headteachers  Hong Kong principals  perceptions  portraits  values  
What attracts young people to become teachers? A comparative study of pre-service student teachers’ motivation to become teachers in Hong Kong and Macau Journal article
Asia Pacific Education Review, 2018,Volume: 19,Issue: 3,Page: 433-444
Authors:  Tang,Sylvia Y.F.;  Wong,P. M.;  Wong,Angel K.Y.;  Cheng,May M.H.
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Comparative study  Initial teacher education  Pre-service student teachers  Teaching motivation  
Teaching Writing in Grades 7–9 in Urban Schools in Chinese Societies in Asia Journal article
Reading Research Quarterly, 2018,Volume: 53,Issue: 4,Page: 473-507
Authors:  Hsiang,Tien Ping;  Graham,Steve;  Wong,Ping Man
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Adolescence  and materials  Content literacy  Genres  Grammar  methods  Research methodology  Sociocultural  Strategies  Survey  Text types, text features  Theoretical perspectives  Writer’s workshop  Writing  Writing process  Writing strategies  Writing to learn  
Development and current status of counselling psychology in Taiwan Journal article
Counselling Psychology Quarterly, 2016,Volume: 29,Issue: 2,Page: 195-205
Authors:  Tu,Su Fen;  Jin,Shuh Ren
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counselling and guidance  counselling psychology  licensure  national survey  Taiwan study  
Vocational Identity Formation of College Students in Macau Journal article
Career Development Quarterly, 2016,Volume: 64,Issue: 3,Page: 244-258
Authors:  Ouyang,Baixiao;  Jin,Shuh Ren;  Tien,Hsiu Lan Shelley
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Chinese culture  college students  Macau  vocational exploration  vocational identity formation  
Cooperative translation models: Rediscovering Ezra Pound’s approach to classical Chinese poetry Book chapter
出自: Translating China, 2009, 页码: 110-123
Authors:  Ieong,Sylvia
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Challenges to early childhood education in rural China: Lessons from the Hebei province Journal article
Early Child Development and Care, 2015,Volume: 186,Issue: 5,Page: 815-831
Authors:  Hu,Bi Ying;  Roberts,Sherron Killingsworth;  Ieong,Sylvia Sao Leng;  Guo,Haiying
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China  Early childhood  Rural education  
Chinese urban and suburban parents' priorities for early childhood education practices: Applying Q-sort methodology Journal article
Children and Youth Services Review, 2016,Volume: 64,Page: 100-109
Authors:  Hu,Bi Ying;  Yang,Yi;  Ieong,Sylvia S.L.
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Parents' priority quality ECE program characteristics  Q-sort process  Urban and suburban Chinese parents  
Exploring the neural correlates of lexical stress perception in english among Chinese-English bilingual children with autism spectrum disorder: An ERP study Journal article
Neuroscience Letters, 2018,Volume: 666,Page: 158-164
Authors:  Zhang,Juan;  Meng,Yaxuan;  Tong,Xiuhong;  Yuan,Zhen;  Wu,Chenggang;  Ieong,Sao Leng
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Autism spectrum disorder  Chinese children  Lexical stress  Reversed asymmetry of brain activation  
Stress typicality effect in Chinese advanced and intermediate ESL learners Journal article
Educational Psychology, 2018,Volume: 38,Issue: 5,Page: 617-632
Authors:  Zhang,Juan;  Meng,Yaxuan;  Fan,Xitao;  Ortega-Llebaria,Marta;  Ieong,Sao Leng
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Grammatical category  lexical stress  orthography  stress typicality effect  
A qualitative case study of Instructional Support practices in Chinese preschool classrooms Journal article
Learning, Culture and Social Interaction, 2018,Volume: 18,Page: 133-144
Authors:  Yang,Yi;  Hu,Bi Ying;  Yu,Shulin;  Roberts,Sherron Killingsworth;  Ieong,Sylvia S.L.
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Relations of self-concept clarity with impulsivity and hubris among Chinese university students Book chapter
出自: Handbook on The Psychology of Self-Esteem, 2014, 页码: 175-185
Authors:  Wu,Joseph;  Cheung,Hoi Yan
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Chinese university students  Hubris  Impulsivity  Self-concept clarity  
Career unreadiness in relation to anxiety and authoritarian parenting among undergraduates Journal article
International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, 2014,Volume: 19,Issue: 3,Page: 336-349
Authors:  Cheung,Chau Kiu;  Cheung,Hoi Yan;  Wu,Joseph
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anxiety  authoritarian parenting  career unreadiness  
Should university students be engaged in romantic relationships? Book chapter
出自: Advances in Sociology Research, 2015, 页码: 83-96
Authors:  Wu,Joseph;  Cheung,Hoi Yan;  Lai,Veronica
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Life satisfaction  Relationship satisfaction  Romantic relationship  University students  
Cultural literacy and student engagement: The case of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in Hong Kong Journal article
Journal of Further and Higher Education, 2015,Volume: 39,Issue: 4,Page: 553-578
Authors:  Hui,Sammy King Fai;  Cheung,Hoi Yan
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cultural literacy  Hong Kong  outcomes of learning  student engagement  technical and vocational education and training (TVET)  
Predicting psychological maladjustment by self-esteem and self-concept clarity Book chapter
出自: Advances in Psychology Research, 2015, 页码: 103-114
Authors:  Wu,Joseph;  Cheung,Hoi Yan;  Tao,Jun
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Emotional intelligence as a basis for self-esteem in young adults Journal article
Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied, 2015,Volume: 149,Issue: 1,Page: 63-84
Authors:  Cheung,Chau Kiu;  Cheung,Hoi Yan;  Hue,Ming Tak
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emotional intelligence  self-esteem  social competence  social efficacy  
Predicting domain-specific risk-taking attitudes of mainland China university students: A hyper core self-evaluation approach Journal article
Journal of Risk Research, 2016,Volume: 19,Issue: 1,Page: 79-100
Authors:  Cheung,Hoi Yan;  Wu,Joseph;  Tao,Jun
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hubris  hyper core self-evaluation  overconfidence  risk-taking attitude  sensation seeking  
Extraversion, individualism and M&A activities Journal article
International Business Review, 2016,Volume: 25,Issue: 1,Page: 356-369
Authors:  Chan,Alex W.H.;  Cheung,Hoi Yan
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Extraversion  Hofstede's cultural dimensions  Individualism  Mergers and acquisitions  Reverse causation hypothesis  
Validation of a Chinese Version of the Psychological Sense of School Membership (C-PSSM): Tests of Measurement Invariance and Latent Mean Differences Journal article
Current Psychology, 2016,Volume: 35,Issue: 1,Page: 83-91
Authors:  Teo,Timothy;  Cheung,Hoi Yan;  Kam,Chester Chun Seng
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Chinese  Confirmatory facto analysis  Gender  Latent mean difference  Measurement invariance  Psychological sense of school membership  University students