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The Return of Public Life. The Teahouse, Urban Citizens, and Socialist State in Post-Mao China Journal article
Quaderni Storici, 2015,Volume: 50,Issue: 2,Page: 409-438
Authors:  Di Wang
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Chengdu  Post-mao China  Public Life  Teahouses  
明代韶州同知刘承范の「利玛伝」の発见とその内容及び価値 Conference paper
中国史の时代区分の现在——第六回日中学者中国古代史论坛论文集, 东京, 2014-5-24
Authors:  汤开建
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《守圉全书》:明季晋绛天主教徒韩霖之西学传播 Journal article
中国史研究, 2015,Issue: 2,Page: 97-126
Authors:  汤开建
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明季  《守圉全书》  韩霖  天主教  西学  
The HGIS Experience of Drawing Sub-county Unit Boundaries in the Jiangnan Region of Late Imperial China Book chapter
出自: Space-Time Integration in Geography and GIScience: Research Frontiers in the US and China:Springer, 2014, 2015, 页码: 175-188
Authors:  Ka-chai Tam;  Kee-long Billy So
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清末民初解决商业纠纷的法庭裁判与商会公断——上海书业所见的法律文化变迁史 Book chapter
出自: 文化中国的法意叙事:法律出版社, 2015
Authors:  苏基朗;  苏寿富美
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入世的史学:香港公众史学的理论与实践 Book chapter
出自: 什么是最好的历史学, 浙江:浙江大学出版社, 2015
Authors:  So, Billy Kee Long
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Placing Images of Deities in Buddhist Temples–a Comparison of India and China Book chapter
出自: Buddhist monasteries of South Asia and China:New Delhi : Manohar, 2015
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Images of Monks with the Ushnisa––from the Kucha to Turfan Regions Journal article
Art of the Orient, 2015,Volume: 4,Page: 9-43
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Cowry Shells in Eastern Eurasia Book chapter
出自: The Silk Road: Interwoven History:Cambridge, Massachusetts: Cambridge Institutes Press; 2015, 2015
Authors:  BIN YANG
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明代利玛窦世界地图传播史四题 Journal article
自然科學史研究, 2015,Volume: 34,Issue: 3,Page: 294-315
Authors:  汤开建;  周孝雷
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利玛窦  明代世界地图  传播史