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Review of Beyond borders: Stories of Yunnanese Chinese migrants of Burma Journal article
Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 2016,Volume: 47,Issue: 2,Page: 304-305
Authors:  YANG BIN
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Grain, Local Politics, and the Making of Mao's Famine in Wuwei, 1958–1961 Journal article
Modern Asian studies, 2015,Volume: 49,Issue: 6,Page: 1675-1703
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Reshaping the Jātaka Stories: from Jātakas to Avadānas and Praṇidhānas in Paintings at Kucha and Turfan Journal article
Buddhist studies review, 2012,Volume: 29,Issue: 1,Page: 57-83
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Jataka Stories  Avadana  Pranidhana  Kucha  Turfan  Buddhist Art  
British Rule in China: Law and Justice in Weihaiwei 1898-1930, Carol G. S. Tan Journal article
HONG KONG LAW JOURNAL, 2011,Volume: 41,Page: 311-313
Authors:  Billy Kee-long SO
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Chinese Legal Reforms in Historical and Comparative Perspective: The Legal Reforms of the 1990s and the 1070s Journal article
Hong Kong law journal, 2010,Volume: 40,Issue: 1,Page: 175-198
Authors:  So, Billy K. L.
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The Rhythm of the City: Everyday Chengdu in Nineteenth-Century Bamboo-Branch Poetry Conference paper
Late Imperial China, BOSTON, MA, MAR 13-14, 1999
Authors:  Di Wang
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Dissolving Hegemony or Changing Trade Pattern? Images of Srivijaya in the Chinese Sources of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries Journal article
Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 1998,Volume: 29,Issue: 2,Page: 295-308
Authors:  SO KEE-LONG
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Developments in southern Fukien under the T'ang and the Min Journal article
JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN ORIENTAL SOCIETY, 1995,Volume: 115,Issue: 3,Page: 443-453
Authors:  Long, So Kee
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Financial Crisis & Local Economy: Ch'üan-chou in the Thirteenth Century Journal article
T'oung Pao, 1991,Volume: 77,Issue: 1-3,Page: 119-137
Authors:  So Kee Long
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