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加藤弘之和吴经熊的宪法理念 Conference paper
比较法在法制建设中的作用(第三届比较法学与世界共同法国际研讨会论文集), 北京, 2015-9-25
Authors:  苏基朗;  苏寿富美
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吴经熊的宪法自然主义——兼论其与加藤弘之的异同 Conference paper
国家建构与法律文明: 第四届世界华人法哲学年会文集, 美国康乃尔大学, 2015-10-3
Authors:  苏基朗;  苏寿富美
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Socioeconomic History in Space: Song-Jia Region of Late Ming China as Seen in a GIS Dataset Conference paper
PNC 2005 Annual Conference, University of Hawaii at Manoa, in Honolulu, Hawaii, October 31, 2005 ~ November 3, 2005
Authors:  Billy K. L. So;  Lin Hui
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The Urban Morphology of Ch'uan-Chou During the Sung Dynasty Conference paper
Chinese Culture Quarterly, Taipei, 24-26 June, 1988
Authors:  Billy Kee-long SO
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