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Subculture, Gang Involvement, and Delinquency: A Study of Incarcerated Youth in China Journal article
JUSTICE QUARTERLY, 2017,Volume: 34,Issue: 6,Page: 952-977
Authors:  Hongwei Zhang;  Jihong Solomon Zhao;  Ling Ren;  Ruohui Zhao
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Subculture  Gang Involvement  Delinquency  Incarcerated Youth  China  
The impact of child sexual abuse and psychological distress on delinquency among incarcerated juveniles in China Journal article
Crime, Law and Social Change, 2016,Volume: 66,Issue: 5,Page: 447-464
Authors:  Hongwei Zhang;  Ruohui Zhao;  Jihong Solomon Zhao;  Ling Ren
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Delinquent Subculture and Juvenile Offenders’ Attitudes Toward the Police in China Journal article
Police Quarterly, 2016,Volume: 19,Issue: 1,Page: 87-110
Authors:  Ling Ren;  Hongwei Zhang;  Jihong Solomon Zhao;  Ruohui Zhao
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Attitudes Toward The Police  Chinese Juvenile Offenders  Delinquent Subculture  
Testing For Measurement Invariance of Attachment Across Chinese and American Adolescent Samples Journal article
International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 2016,Volume: 60,Issue: 8,Page: 964-991
Authors:  Ling Ren;  Jihong “Solomon” Zhao;  Ni “Phil” He;  Ineke Haen Marshall;  Hongwei Zhang;  Ruohui Zhao;  Cheng Jin
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Measurement Invariance Test,  Family Attachment,  School Attachment,  Neighborhood Attachment,  Chinese Adolescents,  American Adolescents  
Do in-group and out-group forms of trust matter in predicting confidence in the order institutions? A study of three culturally distinct countries Journal article
International Sociology, 2015,Volume: 30,Issue: 6,Page: 674-693
Authors:  Cao,Liqun;  Zhao,Jihong;  Ren,Ling;  Zhao,Ruohui
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China (Taiwan) Study  Confidence In Order Institutions  Confucian Societies  Cross-national Study  In-group Trust  Out-group Trust  
Social bonds, traditional models and juvenile attitudes toward the police in China Journal article
Policing, 2014,Volume: 37,Issue: 3,Page: 596-611
Authors:  Hongwei Zhang;  Jihong Zhao;  Ling Ren;  Ruohui Zhao
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China  Social Bonds  Attitudes Toward The Police  
Social Attachment and Juvenile Attitudes toward the Police in China: Bridging Eastern and Western Wisdom Journal article
Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 2014,Volume: 51,Issue: 6,Page: 703-734
Authors:  Hongwei Zhang;  Ruohui Zhao;  Jihong Solomon Zhao;  Ling Ren
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Juvenile Attitudes Toward The Police  Social Attachment  China  
Drug Delivery: Multifunctional Upconversion Mesoporous Silica Nanostructures for Dual Modal Imaging and In Vivo Drug Delivery (Small 24/2013) Journal article
SMALL, 2013,Volume: 9,Issue: 24,Page: 4150-4159
Authors:  Li, Chunxia;  Yang, Dongmei;  Yang, Dongmei Ma, Ping'an;  Chen, Yinyin;  Wu, Yuan;  Hou, Zhiyou;  Dai, Yunlu;  Zhao, Jihong;  Sui, Changping;  Lin, Jun
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Upconversion Mesoporous Silica  Upconversion Cell Imaging  Magnetic Resonance Imaging  Drug Delivery  
Multifunctional Upconversion Mesoporous Silica Nanostructures for Dual Modal Imaging and In Vivo Drug Delivery Journal article
Small, 2013,Volume: 9,Issue: 24,Page: 4150–4159
Authors:  Chunxia Li;  Dongmei Yang;  Ping'an Ma;  Yinyin Chen;  Yuan Wu;  Zhiyou Hou;  Yunlu Dai;  Jihong Zhao;  Changping Sui;  Jun Lin
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Upconversion Mesoporous Silica  Upconversion Cell Imaging  Magnetic Resonance Imaging  Drug Delivery  
Fear of Crime and Punitivity among College Students in Macau, China Book chapter
出自: Fear of Crime and Punitiveness: Results from International Student Surveys, Bochum, Germany:Universitaetsverlag Brockmeyer., 2013, 页码: 159-179
Authors:  Ruohui Zhao;  Liqun Cao;  Jihong Zhao
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