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Volatile oil from alpinia officinarum promotes lung cancer regression in vitro and in vivo Journal article
FOOD & FUNCTION, 2018,Volume: 9,Issue: 9,Page: 4998-5006
Authors:  Li, Ning;  Zhang, Qingyu;  Jia, Zhenbin;  Yang, Xiaohong;  Zhang, Haitao;  Luo, Hui
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Towards truthful auction for big data trading Conference paper
2017 IEEE 36th International Performance Computing and Communications Conference, IPCCC 2017, San Diego, CA, United states, 1210, 2017 - 1212, 2017
Authors:  An, Dou;  Yang, Qingyu;  Yu, Wei;  Li, Donghe;  Zhang, Yang;  Zhao, Wei
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The Role of endocrine G Protein-Coupled Receptors in Ovarian Cancer Progression Journal article
Authors:  Zhang, Qingyu;  Madden, Nadine Ellen;  Wong, Alice Sze Tsai;  Chow, Billy Kwok Chong;  Lee, Leo Tsz On
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g Protein-coupled Receptor  Ovarian Cancer  Endocrine System  Peptide Hormone  Cell Signaling  
Towards Truthful Auction for Big Data Trading Conference paper
Authors:  An, Dou;  Yang, Qingyu;  Yu, Wei;  Li, Donghe;  Zhang, Yang;  Zhao, Wei;  IEEE
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Cyber-Physical Systems  Internet of Things  Big Data  Trading