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Comparative study of catalytic hydrogenation of 9-ethylcarbazole for hydrogen storage over noble metal surfaces Journal article
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2012,Volume: 116,Issue: 13,Page: 7421-7429
Authors:  Eblagon K.M.;  Tam K.;  Yu K.M.K.;  Tsang S.C.E.
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Study of catalytic sites on ruthenium for hydrogenation of N-ethylcarbazole: Implications of hydrogen storage via reversible catalytic hydrogenation Journal article
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2010,Volume: 114,Issue: 21,Page: 9720-9730
Authors:  Morawa Eblagon K.;  Tam K.;  Yu K.M.K.;  Zhao S.-L.;  Gong X.-Q.;  He H.;  Ye L.;  Wang L.-C.;  Ramirez-Cuesta A.J.;  Tsang S.C.
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Synthesis and characterization of thiol-capped FePt nanomagnetic porous particles Journal article
Small, 2005,Volume: 1,Issue: 10,Page: 949-952
Authors:  Gao X.;  Tam K.;  Yu K.M.K.;  Tsang S.C.
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Alloys  Colloids  Magnetic Properties  Nanoparticles  Silica  
Colloidal stable silica encapsulated nano-magnetic composite as a novel bio-catalyst carrier Journal article
Chemical Communications, 2003,Volume: 9,Issue: 24,Page: 2998-2999
Authors:  Gao X.;  Yu K.M.K.;  Tam K.Y.;  Tsang S.C.
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