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Wavelets and Holomorphic Functions Journal article
COMPLEX ANALYSIS AND OPERATOR THEORY, 2018,Volume: 12,Issue: 6,Page: 1421-1442
Authors:  Qian, Tao;  Yang, Qixiang
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Holomorphic Wavelets  Holomorphic Functions  Triebel-lizorkin-morrey Spaces  Besov-morrey Spaces  
Fefferman-Stein decomposition for Q-spaces and micro-local quantities Journal article
Nonlinear Analysis, Theory, Methods and Applications, 2016,Volume: 145,Page: 24-48
Authors:  Qixiang Yang;  Tao Qian;  Peng taoLi
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Atoms  Fefferman-stein Type Decomposition  Generalized Hardy Spaces  Micro-local Structure  Wavelet Characterization