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Flow Entrainment of Gravity Currents Conference paper
ASME-JSME-KSME 2011 Joint Fluids Engineering Conference, AJK 2011, Hamamatsu, Japan, 7 24, 2011 - 7 29, 2011
Authors:  Mok, K.M.;  Yeh, Harry H.;  Ieong, K.K.;  Hoi, K.I.
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Fluctuation of the front propagation speed of developed gravity current Journal article
Journal of Hydrodynamics, 2006,Volume: 18,Issue: 3 SUPPL.,Page: 351-355
Authors:  IEONG K.K.;  MOK K.M.;  YEH H.
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The Interaction of Gravity Current with a Submerged Circular Cylinder Conference paper
Hydrodynamics VI - Theory and Applications, Perth, Western Australia, 24-26 November 2004
Authors:  K. M. Mok;  K. K. leong, nd;  H. Yeh
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On turbulence in bores Journal article
Physics of Fluids A: Fluid Dynamics, 1990,Volume: 2,Issue: 5,Page: 821-828
Authors:  Harry H. Yeh;  Kai‐Meng Mok
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Experimental Facility for Progressive Edge Waves Book chapter
出自: Water Wave Kinematics, Dordrecht:Springer, 1990, 页码: 645-648
Authors:  Harry H. Yeh;  Kai-Meng Mok
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