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Simulations of droplet spreading and solidification using an improved SPH model Journal article
Numerical Heat Transfer; Part A: Applications, 2009,Volume: 55,Issue: 2,Page: 124-143
Authors:  Fang H.S.;  Bao K.;  Wei J.A.;  Zhang H.;  Wu E.H.;  Zheng L.L.
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Real-time simulation of physically based on-surface flow Conference paper
Visual Computer, Macao, PEOPLES R CHINA, OCT 12-14, 2005
Authors:  Liu Y.Q.;  Zhu H.B.;  Liu X.H.;  Wu E.H.
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Navier-stokes Equations  On-surface Flow  Real Time  Wetting  
Accelerated backward warping Journal article
Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 2003,Volume: 18,Issue: 1,Page: 48-55
Authors:  Zhang Y.C.;  Liu X.H.;  Wu E.H.
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Backward warping  Depth image  Image-based rendering  Sample rate  
Volume rendering for irregular grids with culling effectively occluded cells Journal article
Jisuanji Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Computers, 2001,Volume: 24,Issue: 3,Page: 292-295
Authors:  Sun W.W.;  Wu E.H.
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Culling  Irregular grids  Occluded cell  Volume rendering  
Realistic rendering of trees based on environmental features and species Journal article
Ruan Jian Xue Bao/Journal of Software, 2001,Volume: 12,Issue: 1,Page: 65-73
Authors:  Chen Y.Y.;  Yan T.;  Zhang X.P.;  Wu E.H.
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Natural scene  Realistic image synthesis  Texel  Volumetric texture  
New method for deciding whether a point is in a polygon or a polyhedron Journal article
Ruan Jian Xue Bao/Journal of Software, 2000,Volume: 11,Issue: 12,Page: 1614-1619
Authors:  Wang W.C.;  Wu E.H.
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Inclusion test  Point  Polygon  Polyhedron  
A fast three-phase line segments clustering method based on relative spatial relationship Journal article
Journal of Applied Sciences, 1905,Volume: 13,Issue: 18,Page: 3736-3741
Authors:  Liu, Y.Q.;  Su, X.H.;  Wu, E.H.
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