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Climate-carbon cycle uncertainties and the Paris Agreement Journal article
Nature Climate Change, 2018,Volume: 8,Issue: 7,Page: 609-613
Authors:  Holden,P. B.;  Edwards,N. R.;  Ridgwell,A.;  Wilkinson,R. D.;  Fraedrich,K.;  Lunkeit,F.;  Pollitt,H. E.;  Mercure,J. F.;  Salas,P.;  Lam,A.;  Knobloch,F.;  Chewpreecha,U.;  Viñuales,J. E.
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Thermodynamic equilibrium-driven formation of single-sized nanocrystals: Reaction media tuning CdSe magic-sized versus regular quantum dots Journal article
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2010,Volume: 114,Issue: 8,Page: 3329-3339
Authors:  Yu K.;  Hu M.Z.;  Wang R.;  Le Piolet M.;  Frotey M.;  Zaman M.B.;  Wu X.;  Leek D.M.;  Tao Y.;  Wilkinson D.;  Li C.
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