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Stein manifolds of nonnegative curvature Journal article
ADVANCES IN GEOMETRY, 2018,Volume: 18,Issue: 3,Page: 285-287
Authors:  Chen, Xiaoyang
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Stein manifold  nonnegative curvature  soul theorem  
The effects of integrating goal setting and reading strategy instruction on English reading proficiency and learning motivation: A quasi-experimental study Journal article
APPLIED LINGUISTICS REVIEW, 2018,Volume: 9,Issue: 1,Page: 35-62
Authors:  Shih, Ying-Chun;  Reynolds, Barry Lee
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goal setting  L2 reading proficiency  motivation  reading strategy instruction  EFL reading  
Stance markers in television news presentation: Expressivity of eyebrow flashes in the delivery of news Journal article
SEMIOTICA, 2018,Issue: 221,Page: 279-300
Authors:  Han, Zhengrui;  Zhu, Hongqiang
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news discourse  television news presentation  expressivity  eyebrow flashes  stance marker  nonverbal communication  
Characterization of the subcellular localization and nuclear import molecular mechanisms of herpes simplex virus 1 UL2 Journal article
BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 2017,Volume: 398,Issue: 4,Page: 509-517
Authors:  Cai, Mingsheng;  Huang, Zebin;  Liao, Zongmin;  Chen, Tao;  Wang, Ping;  Jiang, Si;  Chen, Daixiong;  Peng, Tao;  Bian, Yun;  Hong, Gengde;  Yang, Hang;  Zeng, Zhancheng;  Li, Xiaowei;  Li, Meili
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HSV-1 UL2  importin  nuclear import